April 24, 2024

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Alice Braga on "Eduardo e Mônica": "I hope that people will take inspiration from love" |  Fabulous

Alice Braga on “Eduardo e Mônica”: “I hope that people will take inspiration from love” | Fabulous

Which side of the verses Eduardo and Monica, music from urban corps 1986: “Who would ever say that There is a reason In the things the heart makes or who will say it someday There is no reasonAmong the heroes of the film that gave life to the song, Gabriel Lyon e Alice Braga, all in one side, as it should be. She wonders if there is any reason. Indeed it is the opposite. See the full interview in the article above.

The actors told in detail how they began to coexist for a living One of the most folkloric pairs in Brazilian music. They were inspired by the song itself, from Renato Russo, to We talk a lot and try to get to know each other.

Alice Braga and Gabriel Leon, who live with spouses Eduardo and Monica – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Jibril: “Our meeting was very special, as in the movie as well. Meeting two people who love each other, admire each other, and respect each other. I took on the challenge, and took on the responsibility to finally play this character. At the same time, it was an amazing process.”

Gabriel Leon and Alice Braga, who live with spouses Eduardo and Monica – Image: clone

The song tells the love story between two different young men, who define themselves by complementing each other. The words reflect the visual and social landscape of Brasilia in the 1980sThis environment was also a source of inspiration for the director. Rene Sampaio, who also directed another movie from the Urban Legion universe, Western Kapoklo, for 2013.

There is also a lot of my personal history of being from Brasilia. In 1986 I was there. I was a little younger than Eduardo, so I think we made an interesting mix, which brings a lot of time, social and political context. Brazil’s exit from dictatorship and entry into democracy. As this debate is so relevant today, it has also entered film, as well as individual liberties.

– René Sampaio, Director of “Eduardo e Mônica”

The film was shot in 2018, the year of the presidential election, but its premiere was postponed due to the pandemic, and finally, it has a date for its release on the big screen: January 20 2022, in a new election year.

For Alice Braga, the movie shows that People can fight with love for their convictions.

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