June 21, 2024

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Linn Da Quebrada may have a firm contract with Globo after the end of BBB22

Lin da Quebrada has high spirits at Globo. Her participation in BBB22 made broadcaster executives evaluate her commercial potential and now they are already planning to keep her in the stable cast after the end of the Tadeu Schmidt-led reality show.

In addition to the great acceptance from the audience, Lina won the sympathy of most of the BBB22 sponsors, who also made plans to use the singer in commercial actions after the end of the reality show. This alarmed executives, who are beginning to see its potential in attracting advertisers interested in investing in diversity.

What is still debated internally is which way to go with the artist. One option is to use it for new dramatic productions and also for Globoplay. After all, she already has experience as an actress at home – Lena played Natasha in the series The Second Call.

The other is to adopt a model similar to the existing agreement with Juliet and turn her into an ambassador for the broadcast platform and use it in the entertainment attractions of the Multishow or GNT or even put it on an open TV show.

The singer and Jade Bacon are the only ones, so far, who should actually win a long-term contract after BBB22. The rest is under evaluation.


Globo has never invested as much in actions for diversity as in recent years. There is an internal committee that discusses the procedures for inclusion and also to provide a safe work environment for LGBTQIA+ professionals.

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Some programs on the network have begun to hire transgender professionals, such as Lady Night, who help write frames to avoid undue abuse of transgender people, as well as soap operas, which have begun to frequently cast actors and actresses in cisgender characters, such as the case of Carol Mara, who She plays Alice in the Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor! and actress A Maia, who played Death in the plot.