July 25, 2024

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Check out 3 low-risk investments to get your money back from savings

Check out 3 low-risk investments to get your money back from savings

Savings are losing out due to inflation, as calculated by the broad consumer price index (IPCA), since 2019. However, many Brazilians choose to keep their money in savings because they consider it a safer option.

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However, nowadays there are many reliable options that certainly bring more than savings, but few people know that these investments exist and that they can be easily applied.

In fact, many people still fear losing money on this type of investment. So today we will show you 3 investments that can convince you to get out of savings once and for all, without the risk of losing your money.

  1. direct treasure

The first investment option is Treasury Direct, which contains various securities. They are: IPCA Cabinet, Pre-fixed Cabinet, and Visual Cabinet.

Fixed rate bonds offer a fixed return, the rate of which is given before investment. This means that it is possible to know how long your funds will take before applying. It’s the perfect address for those with medium and long-term goals who won’t need money right away.

Selic locker fixed later, linked to Selic price. It is the security that has the least risk in the event of early income, and is therefore ideal for investors who want to start an emergency reserve.

The IPCA treasury is linked to inflation. It offers a higher return than inflation and has a fixed interest rate, making it the ideal security for long-term investments.

To learn more about Treasury Direct redemption options or other information, simply visit the Treasury Direct website. There you can also run a simulation of how much your money will earn from each title.

  1. CDBs

These are securities issued by banks in order to raise capital. CDBs (Certificado de Depósito Bancário) are fixed income investments and primarily operate as a stock exchange. That is, the investor “lents” his money to the bank and then receives the amount at a rate of return predetermined by the institution. In this method, it is also possible to know the value of the income at the time of application.

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However, this rate may or may not fluctuate, as it all depends on the type. For example, if it is a floating rate, it may differ, as it will be associated with some indicators of the economy. Now, if it was fixed beforehand, the investor would have information about how much money he would make when buying the security.

  1. real estate funds

This type of investment requires more audacity, and it is also necessary for the investor to know more about the market. But, in general, real estate funds are a good investment option, precisely because this asset is not volatile.

This investment fund consists of investors who invest resources in various real estate projects. With it, your money can be invested in real estate market assets without the need to purchase physical property, eliminating all the bureaucracy involved in buying and renting real estate. It is also possible to diversify your investments, placing orders in warehouses, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals and other types of institutions.