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Check out all the services available in Inter

Check out all the services available in Inter

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The Interbank Known for offering a digital account without fees and credit And the discount with exclusive benefits. Check, in this article, all the services offered by the financial institution.

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Services available in Inter

In 2015, Inter launched a digital account with the aim of revolutionizing the Brazilian banking market. The institution was the first to offer its services 100% digitally in Brazil, in addition to offering a platform that allows its users to carry out various financial operations.

Therefore, the institution provides several services to its clients, such as:

  • Debit and credit card
  • A digital account for individuals.
  • Digital Account for Legal Entities (MEI);
  • Pix and TEDs Without Borders;
  • Home insurance for R$9.13 per month for installations and repairs;
  • Interpag that allows transfers through a QR code;
  • Cashback on purchases made in partner stores;
  • Travel insurance with protection and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the trip and covers lost baggage;
  • cash deposit by bank voucher;
  • Insurance of the card in case of theft, loss or theft, cost R$ 1.90 per month;
  • Salary Calculation
  • An investment platform that offers fixed income, variable income, direct treasury and Certificate of Bank Deposit (CDB) for higher return on savings;
  • Dental insurance coverage for medical, hospital and dental expenses on domestic and overseas trips;
  • Financial security for job loss, disability, temporary disability and death;
  • Car insurance with coverage against loss and damage in case of theft, theft, accidents, death or disability.

Due to the fact that Banco Inter does not have a branch, the services can only be used through the application available for Android and iOS. Thus, any problem with the account must be resolved directly in the tool or through the service channels.

Fees charged by Inter

compared to others Banks In digital formats, Inter has a greater advantage because it does not charge fees associated with the checking account, such as annual fees, withdrawals from Banco24Horas and transfers to other banks.

See below the advantages of the Inter Card:

  • Open an account for free
  • Account maintenance is free of charge;
  • Withdrawals at Banco24Horas are unlimited and free;
  • unlimited transfers to other banks;
  • Zero annual fee on the card;
  • Issuance of a limit of 30 tickets per month.

It should be noted that, although most services are free, the issuance of vouchers is paid and the interest on revolving credit charged by the operator is 7.7% per month.

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