July 19, 2024

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Mastercard will increase fees for online transactions;  Traders are worried

Mastercard will increase fees for online transactions; Traders are worried

Mastercard will increase fees for transactions via credit cards and debts. The adjustment, expected in April, did not satisfy associations and representatives of the retail and e-commerce sector.

Merchants, dissatisfied with the increase, put pressure on the operator so that the change would not occur. They argue that this measure will speed up inflation and also reduce the purchasing power of consumers.

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Increased fees for MasterCard transactions

According to information from O Globo newspaper, Mastercard expects the increase to reach 0.2% In fees for online transactions made on credit and up to 0.5% in discount. The proportions vary for each sector.

The exchange fee is collected by Mastercard and transferred to the financial institutions that issue the brand cards. According to the operator, There is a possibility that the consumer will be affected by the increase in cost.

Recently, two associations drafted an out-of-court notice for Mastercard. At the end of March, Conecta, Câmara-e.net, Abranet and Abipag also spoke out against the increase and sent a letter to the operator’s management.

Wholesalers and e-commerce involved

According to representatives of the wholesale sector, price adjustment is not acceptable. In the text sent to Mastercard, they also mentioned that the use of the brand in sales could be rethought.

E-commerce industry associations have expressed concern about the announcement of the fee increase. They believe that merchants and small businesses, already crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis, will be affected.

In addition, it has also been requested that plans to increase prices be suspended immediately. As delegates expected, This measure is expected to have an impact of about R$604 million annually for the e-commerce sector.

What does MasterCard say?

In a note to O Globo, the operator stated that the pricing will be updated on April 22nd, respecting the limits set by the regulator. Mastercard also noted that the fee is paid to the cardholder’s financial institution and that it does not receive “any income from the exchange fee.”

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