July 19, 2024

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Check out Caixa’s recommendations to avoid unusual loot scams

Check out Caixa’s recommendations to avoid unusual loot scams

Exceptional withdrawal of up to R$1,000 from the Severance Compensation Fund (FGTSIt has been released since April 20 and is expected to close on June 15. In total, nearly R$30 million were released to 42 million workers. Therefore, the cashier List some tips for customers to protect themselves from fraud and deception.

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Treasurer Recommendations

Caixa Econômica Federal has made a series of recommendations to protect the beneficiary from potential frauds, see below:

  • Use only the official channels of the Bank to view information and access the Services, never share personal data, user login and password;
  • Passwords and cards are personal and not transferable. Therefore, bank passwords should never be available on mobile phones or computers;
  • Caixa never sends messages asking for passwords, data or personal information,em sends links and asks for device confirmation or account access via SMS, email or WhatsApp;
  • Even within an agency, clients should not accept help from strangers. If they need help, they should always look for a Caixa employee, who will be correctly identified.

The bank confirms that there are several forms of assistance to the worker through SiteFGTS app (available for Android And the iOS) and phone numbers 4004-0104 (capitals and metropolitan areas) and 0800-104-0104 (other areas), as well as Caixa branches.

If there is a movement that the customer does not recognize, to oppose it, you must go to any Caixa branch, with your CPF and photo document.

CAIXA states that all information related to suspected fraud is confidential and transmitted exclusively to the Federal Police and the beneficiaries for analysis and investigation. To improve the security of its systems and mitigate the actions of fraudsters, the bank uses various protection and control mechanisms, such as data validation, password authentication, document validation and second factor authentication”in a note, the press office of the state-owned company.

Further instructions can be accessed through the website: http://www.caixa.gov.br/seguranca.

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