June 21, 2024

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Check out what happened at BBB 22 TV News

Check out what happened at BBB 22 TV News

The party of Chief Arthur Aguiar was held from the night of Wednesday (23) until the dawn of Thursday (24) at BBB 22. Eliezer Netto took the opportunity to settle accounts with Pedro Scooby over another Discord game account, when the surfer described him as an “influencer”. The former Malhação also took time to vent about the game and said no one recognizes his accomplishments on the Globo reality show.

Without major struggles, the song’s participants took advantage of the time to sing in karaoke made available by the production. After he let out his voice, Arthur sat down and spoke to Eliezer About your impressions of the lollipop room.

“There was no massacre against you. In my opinion, your vision of the game has always been too distorted, even for powerful people. [Paulo André] So strong, he only won two contests, I won five contests and no one talked about me,” complained the Camarote member, who has already won three Angel contests, one for leader and one for Immunity. I think you’re strong,” the ‘Fourth Lollipop’ survivor tackled.

In another part of the conversation, Myra Cardi’s husband She denied copying Juliette Freire’s positionsBBB 21 Champion, to gain public support.

“I would never have done that, what a madness. Then when you do [Laís Caldas] Addressing the audience, saying that I was trying to manipulate, it was the top. How do I deal with an audience that has access to all cameras and participants? The artist asked how do I manipulate?


Lucas Bisoli in turn, Complain about a comment made by Lin da Quebrada. Before the party, the singer spoke with the medical student and suggested that he make use of the house sets to stay alive in the game.

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“I don’t like it when people try to put me in a box with just those options. I don’t like it very much. For example, I really like Gustavo [Marsengo]But from the moment we break off the relationship and he can refer you and refer me, that becomes an option too. Do you understand? ‘,” the brother explained to Slovenia Marquez.

Another time in the morning, Eliezer approached Pedro Scobe to question the surfer about his recent slaying game. Annoyed by being called an “influencer” by ex Luana Biovanni, the businessman took a breath.

“I was everything, but I was not affected, every time they tried to influence me, I was against it. When you say I am the most influential person, it hurts. You would have said: ‘Tado’ [Schmidt]there are 11 people, I don’t think anyone can be affected, but I’ll put Eli because there is no choice,” Natália Deodato’s appointment suggested.

“It’s a bunch of things, so much so that in the other Discord game you’ve said. You live in a quiet place there, friend, little heart, and then you get to the Discord Game and raise your voice, and calm down. We can talk to people otherwise. I’ve seen you do that over and over again.” It’s not that you’re the influencer here, it’s just you, it’s among 11 people, looking at the things that happened…”, Scooby justified.


Hugging Lin da Quibrada, Natty felt the affection and assumed she was worried and missing her family: “I miss my mom, the people I love. I’m glad I got this far. I never imagined I would get this far. I’m too afraid not to do that.”

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“You still have a long way to go, my friend,” Lynn commented. “This is just a starting point.”

Check out some moments from the party:

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