May 28, 2024

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CNN Brazil has a wave of layoffs and the reason is revealed

CNN Brasil has cut some collaborators (Image: Disclosure)

Those who believe that layoffs in CNN Brazil Summarized to those known to the public. According to the information received from the site pop tvThe station also separated employees from the digital area, where it was responsible for managing the company’s news portal and editing content for social networks.

According to the publication, with the reworking of the workforce, which resulted in the dismissal of only 22 specialists last Thursday (28) and Friday (29), the network is supposed to save about 150 thousand Brazilian reais per month.

Separations began in the operating sector, which already had fewer contracted professionals. In addition, management positions at CNN Brazil have also been abolished. On average, according to TV Pop, there are five sales per week at the company.

The justification would be due to inflated salaries, because the dismissed employees have salaries above the average practiced by the market. the new head of the house, Renata Afonso It specifically seeks to implement payroll closer to the economic realities of the audiovisual market.

After all the changes, CNN Brasil should save approximately R$ 24 million annually. Segregation must occur between bidders, reporters, and even in the commercial circle. The publication sought, and the station confirmed the mass layoffs in its online section.

However, the company claimed that the changes are part of a “restructuring project” designed to deliver “the best content and the best experience” to the public:

“CNN Brasil makes it clear that it is restructuring its digital space and investing in employees, resources, technology and suppliers, always striving to provide the best content and the best experience to our audience.”

It is worth emphasizing that CNN Brasil has plans to give another opportunity to entertainment programming with a journalistic footprint. Proof of this is that the network recently launched CNN Soft, which is dedicated exclusively to programs of this type.

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The idea of ​​CNN Brasil’s senior management is to expand its scope in the media market and expand the space for interested advertisers.

CNN Soft is Renata Afonso’s first big idea. CNN Brasil maintains its central focus in producing serious news, but now offers a variety to our audience. On weekends, we’ll tackle lighter topics, but always with the channel’s DNA, which is information. In addition to providing more quality content to our viewers, we’ll also provide More business opportunities for our business partners.”said the journalist.

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