September 23, 2023

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BYD in Bahia?  Why did the Chinese brand move to take over the Ford plant - 06/06/2022

BYD in Bahia? Why did the Chinese brand move to take over the Ford plant – 06/06/2022

Anyone who thinks that giant BYD will be another brand of import compact models in the domestic market will be surprised by China’s ambitious plans for Brazil. This week, news broke that the automaker would operate the Ford industrial complex in Camaçari (BA), but BYD executives are not commenting on negotiations at this time. Politicians are the ones talking.

What is certain is that UOL . cars This week I heard from exclusive sources who considered that BYD will own a plant in Brazil and that it shouldn’t take long once the first phase of the plan is complete: selling 10,000 cars a year.

But what about this local story? Nothing shuts off or ignores. São Paulo, where the group operates in Campinas, Bahia itself and even the automobile complex in Guyana, in Pernambuco, is on the Chinese giant’s radar. There are more states interested and they are looking into everything.

To make a huge investment like building a modern electric car plant, BYD needs to “pave the way”. The first step, which has already been taken, is to organize the dealer network, which by the end of the year will reach 45 units throughout the country.

The second is also in the implementation phase, which is to introduce the cars and start selling them in Brazil. By 2023, there will be six models for the brand in the country, with around 1,000 expected per month. Take a breath and strategize.

Reaching the 10,000-unit mark per year will be an incentive for the Chinese to implement the third and decisive step: setting up a factory with the latest technology for the production of electric and hybrid cars for the brand. Therefore, any news about the location of the plant is nothing more than political speculation.

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Reaching the 10,000-car mark, BYD is betting on a very diverse group. Han electric (sedan) and Tan (SUV cars) In the market. The next Song hybrid SUV will be. A change of team will occur from the Qin hybrid sedan, which leaves the immediate plans for the Brazil brand and will be replaced by the Destroyer 5, a model that will gain a name more sympathetic to our market.

Other 100% electric bets are the D1, a minibus aimed at commuting, like rental companies and transport by app, and ET3, a stove with an electronic delivery app.

These are just the first chips that the Chinese at BYD have put on the table in the Brazilian market. The production capacity and quality of Asian cars are no longer in question, especially when it comes to electrification. After all, no one makes and sells electric cars in the world more than the Chinese.