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Corinthians beat Palmeiras on penalties to win the U-17 Paulista title

Corinthians beat Palmeiras on penalties to win the U-17 Paulista title

Corinthians faced Palmeiras on Monday in the Grand Final of the São Paulo Sub-17 Championship. Team Parque São Jorge won 2-0 at Allianz Parque and won the title.

The goal by Kaiki, who is still in the first stage of the match, gave hope and strength to Timao to try to reverse the 3-1 score they suffered in the first leg. Corinthians dominated the main events of the match, but missed some important opportunities. At the end of the second stage, the goal that took the title decision on penalties was scored by Wesley Gasova, two minutes from the end of the match.

On penalties, goalkeeper Kawi shone in the first and last kick of Palmeiras and did not allow his opponents to swing into the net. On the other hand, the four batsmen from Corinthians who carried out the penalty shootout converted and confirmed the São Paulo title.

Corinthians finished the state championship with 22 games. The team won 17, drew 4, and suffered only one defeat – precisely in the first leg of the final. There were 56 goals in favor and 11 goals against.

Lined up

Gustavo Almeida’s team went to the field with: Cayo. Thomas Argentino, Renato Santos and Vitor Mer; Leo Mana, Pedrinho, Brino Bedon, Guilherme Pirro, and Kaichi; Pedro and Felipe Augusto.


As for the opponent, coach Orlando Ribeiro, was chosen with: Ze Henrique. Gilberto, Mina, Seraphim and Gustavo Lopez; Bellocco, Leo and Gustavo Sencia; Wendell, Cowan Santos, and Danielle.

the game

First time

Needing to reverse the first leg result, Corinthians already started the match by putting pressure on Palmeiras. In the first minute of the match, Timão raised a ball in the area with Léo Mana. Pedriño stretched to win the match and narrowly missed the opening score for Parque São Jorge.

Palmeiras drew a reaction four minutes after departure. The opposing team made it to the right side, but goalkeeper Kauê did well and managed to hold the ball before the opponent’s attack created big chances.

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While Timão tried to set the match on fire in the opening minutes, Palmeiras tried to set the pace and try to control the fencing. The opponent, who scored 3-1 in the first game, could confirm the title with a goalless draw on Monday.

The Corinthian strategy succeeded. With ten minutes into the match, Timão scored his first goal in the fencing. Brino Bedon cheated the defenses and gave a superb pass in depth to Pedro who found Kaichi inside the Palmyra area. The Corinthians 7 shirt was not tagged inside the area and broke through the opponent’s block.

In the 20th minute, Corinthians made a superb run on the left side. Guilherme Biro started the play and the ball was left to Kayke, who got it badly on the hit. However, Felipe Augusto tried to finish the new ball on the left and the ball went off the left of the Palmeiras goalkeeper, near the crossbar.

While Parque São Jorge dominated the main events of the game, the opponent did not make any entries in the first stage until the 23rd minute – in a move that goalkeeper Kauê managed to defend without danger. In addition, when the opponent managed to bypass the midfield, he ended up stopping in the Corinthians defense line.

In the 29th minute of the match, Corinthians sought another finish on the left side. Felipe Augusto received the ball in the penalty area and tried to finish the match with his left leg. There was a deflection in the opponent’s defender and Corinthians were complaining about a possible penalty, but the referee awarded Timão only a corner.

After Guilherme Biro’s kick, Palmeiras held the ball for a dip and raced into the Timão defensive zone. Coan Santos was not blocked by Tomas Argentino and Brno Bedon and they managed to jeopardize the Corinthians defence. Vitor Mir predicted and managed to take the ball out at the last second to avoid a draw.

The match was three minutes of injury time. Palmeiras got another finish in these last minutes. Palmeirense passed the Corinthians defense, but ended up pushing under the ball and was unable to surrender. Thus, the arbitration concluded the first stage of the match.

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Corinthians needed another goal to take the match to a penalty shootout, and he returned to the second half with the same situation as in the first stage: to go up to get the desired result.

In five minutes, Pedro advanced on the left side. The Corinthians fan, who could have used Felipe Augusto, ended up losing the ball, but saw Guilherme Biro and Léo Mana trying to end the match with great danger.

Timãozinho hit the net after nine minutes. After Leo Mana’s reconnaissance of the area, Thomas Argentino advanced with his head and sent it into the net. But the referee offside in the attempt and canceled the Corinthians goal.

In the 13th minute, Guilherme Biro hit a corner kick and appeared in the area immediately afterwards. Shirt No. 10 ended by not scoring the goal, a cross attempt by Felipe Augusto. Even in the folly of Palmeiras’ defense, the Corinthians could not finish another opportunity created.

Palmeiras tried to respond to Corinthians’ attempts in a quick play with Daniel on the left side, but the attempt was canceled by Thomas Argentino, who had a great match. After the show, Corinthians made the first change: Pedriño gave way to Leo Agustinho.

The opposing team also made some changes after 20 minutes. With the changes, the hosts began to play with six lines in the defensive sector, because a simple victory for Timon did not invalidate the title of the opponent. Thus, coach Gustavo Almeida’s team found it more difficult to penetrate Palmeiras’ defense.

In the 30th minute of the match, in the last half, Palmeirense Allan took the lead on the two Corinthians marks and shot hard in the direction of the goal. Goalkeeper Kauê made a superb save and was responsible for avoiding the opponent’s attempt to equalize again.

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Coach Gustavo Almeida also made two changes in the final stage of the match. Morello and Wesley prepared to replace Renato and Kaiki, respectively.

Two minutes from the end, the goal that kept Corinthians alive to win the title in Sao Paulo came from the feet of Wesley Gasova.. The player received the ball stolen by Guilherme Perrault in the middle of the field and finished it with precision to score the second goal for Timon. With the goal, Alvinegros took the match to the maximum with penalty kicks.

Penalty kicks

Palmeiras opened the penalty shootout with Thales. Kauê star shined and the Corinthians player defended and put Timão ahead. As a result, Felipe Augusto managed to score the first goal for Corinthians. All the Corinthians players who took the penalty kicks took the penalties: Caillou, Guilherme Perrault and Murillo.

Kauê even returned to shine in his opponent’s latest win. Kawan hit the kick and Timao goalkeeper aimed his right corner. Palmeirense hit the other side and Kauê fell into the right corner to create a defense and secure the Paulistão U-17 title for Timão!

Palmeiras Art Paper 0 x 2 Corinthians

Contest: Sao Paulo U-17 Championship
Sweetened: Allianz Parque, Su Paulo, SB
data: December 20, 2021 (Mon)
Hor Wacotrio: 10:00 AM (Brazilia)
Rule: Thiago de Matos da Silva
Auxiliaries: Rafael de Albuquerque Lima and Denis Matthews Afonso Ferreira
Objectives: Kaiki Ferrari Wesley Gasova (Corinthians)
yellow cards: Gustavo Sencia (Palmeiras); Argentine Tomas (Corinthians)

Palm trees: Z Henrique; Gilberto (Carlinhos), Mina (Gabriel Faretta), Seraphim, Gustavo Lopez, Bellocco (Alan), Lou (Marquinhos), Gustavo Ciencia, Wendell (Thales), Coan Santos and Daniel (Jota).
idiomatic: Orlando Ribeiro

Corinth: Cao Vinicius Thomas Argentino, Renato Santos (Murilo Bolero), Vitor Mer (Vinicius Cressi), Lo Mana, Pedrinho (Leo Agostinho), Brino Bedon, Guilherme Perrault, Caic Ferrari (Wesley Gasova), Pedro (Cayo Moraes) and Felipe Augusto.
idiomatic: Gustavo Almeida

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