September 28, 2023

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Crisis in "Disney" because of the wall signs of dawn

Crisis in “Disney” because of the wall signs of dawn

Another wall formed inBBB 22″ (TV Globo), and this time, four brothers go against what the audience prefers: Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva, Eliezer and Giseilan. The last two were chosen by Chief Gustavo And Arthur was most voted by the house next door of Douglas Silva. In the tiebreak, former law bachelor chose Rebelde, who pulled the actor on his counterattack. The wall was the biggest topic of conversation during the night, mainly because of Arthur’s anger.

BBB 22: Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva, Eliezer and Giseilan on the wall

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

Come with us to discover all that happened at dawn!

Crisis in “Disney”!

Arthur Aguiar didn’t like knowing his friends voted for him for a wall this week. Paulo Andre, Pedro Scobe and Douglas Silva nominated the brother for the hot seat, much to the chagrin. The surfer and the actor clashed in the grunge room And the former Rebelde didn’t like the justification that he hadn’t been to the wall for long, because he had encountered one, even a fake, two weeks earlier. Scooby then stated that he agreed with the brothers about this and that they decided to nominate the participant with the most time without going to the hot seat.

Arthur said, “I don’t agree. I lived it all off the wall and later knew it was fake. I packed my bag, lived the feelings…”. “But you didn’t risk leaving,” Scobey replied.

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BBB 22: Arthur Complains to Brothers After The Wall

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

Arthur said, “I didn’t participate in the conversation. I didn’t agree with you about my wall being invalid and left the conversation.” But at the time we were talking about that too,” said the surfer. “But I am no longer there, I have already left,” the actor noted.

“This conversation about voting for you didn’t happen. We thought of a benchmark that was good for everyone. I understood you experienced the dynamic wall, but I think you were the last person at risk of leaving,” Scobey analyzed.

At the end of the discussion, Scooby and Arthur decided to follow this criterion in the next vote and keep track of friends.

Uh, what about Scooby?

Ellie noticed the argument in the room and decided to walk away while the brothers sorted themselves out and went out to talk to Jesse. The two thought about the criteria boys and I realized that their logic makes no sense.

The walled man commented, “If it had been up to them, they wouldn’t have voted for Arthur, they would have had to go to Scooby. Scooby went to the wall often.” He then added, “They all got it wrong because three of them voted and then Arthur also missed out on the general manager, and Scooby was disqualified. It looks like Scooby isn’t even in the game.”

Jesse agrees with her friend and says, “That’s because he only talked about the PA and the DG, as if Scooby weren’t. [disponível para voto]”.

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BBB 22: Jessilane is considering a vote on the 15th wall

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Another time, after he’s already back in the room, Eli comments on that Arthur is afraid to face Scooby himself on the wall.

he is [Arthur] You’ve said this to me many times. There may be a final in this version, a semi-final, and as he imagines Pedro is strong, if he goes with Pedro at that moment, the audience may decide between one or the other and not want to risk that respite. So I think Arthur’s decision was based on that.”

“The PA will never vote for Scooby. They say that’s it, but in fact they vote by proximity. Arthur and Gustavo are the least close,” the teacher analyzed.

“It was not because of the wall that they chose to go to Arthur’s house, but because of the three [Douglas, Paulo André e Scooby] They’ve been together from the start. When I asked PA and DG who they wanted to take out of the game for life, PA answered only Scooby and DG.”

bbb - Play: Globoplay - Play: Globoplay

BBB 22: Eliezer and Jesse analyze the opposition group vote

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No wall next week?

Eli made a special request for his fellow prisonerss. Since he was on several walls and did not leave, he asked the brother, if he stayed, not to go to the next berlinda. Jesse recalled that the boys agreed not to vote for Arthur on the adjacent wall and Eli took the cue:

“Let’s agree on something? Let’s agree that if I stay, I won’t go to the next person or the other,” the businessman asks in a joking tone. “The deal must be in effect for me now, since I’m from your room, I’m a grunge,” he continued, remembering. lollipop closure.

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BBB 22: Eliezer makes a special request to Arthur and Jessilane

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Who do you want to remove from “BBB 22”?


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UOL voting has no scientific nature or influence on the outcome of TV Globo

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