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Who was Philo in the old Pantanal?  Actress in TV series 7

Who was Philo in the old Pantanal? Actress in TV series 7


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Asylum She is one of the most famous characters in wet land. In a remake of Globo production, she already gained prominence in the first stage, playing her part Leticia Sales.

Now, in the second phase of the telenovela, companion Jose Leoncio Marcos Palmera came to live by a veteran Dera Base.

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In the original plot, shown by Red Manchete in 1990, Filó retains a paternity of Thaddeus (Jose Loreto in this edition) To the end. The boy was not the farmer’s biological son.

In the remake, Philo ends up telling Jose Leoncio that Tadeo is his son even in the first stage. It was not yet known if the maid made up this story and the truth would only be revealed in the outcome.

Dera Pais Velo lives in the Pantanal

Filo from the old version of Pantanal

In the old version of Pantanal, which appeared on Rede Manchete, the actress defended Philo Tania Alves in the first part. Find out where the actress is here.

In the second stage, as it is now shown on Actress Globo Josara Freire She was cast in the role of the story that aired 32 years ago.

Noting that Gosara is currently in the cast The more life, the better! Seven o’clock is a soap opera, in which she plays Tonya, nanny and mother Flavia (Giovanna Antonelli).

Josara Freire Filo was in the old version of the Pantanal
Josara Freire as Tuninha from Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor, the seventh soap opera

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