September 24, 2023

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ICMS do botijão de gás

Cylinder cost R $ 160.00. See the price in each state

The National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) presented its weekly survey on April 19, where it appears that a 13kg gas cylinder actually costs R$160.00 in Brazil. The search was carried out in all regions of the country, the highest price was found in the state of Mato Grosso and the lowest in Maranhão (BRL 78.00).

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Auxílio Gás: New value released for April

The weekly survey, which was conducted between April 10-16, showed an increase of 0.10% compared to the previous week. The average drum price in the country was R$113.66.

13 kg gas cylinder price in 26 states and DF

The maximum price for gas cylinders from April 10 to 16, according to the National Ports Agency:

Country Minimum price Max price
acre 125.00 BRL 145.00 BRL
Alagoas 94.00 BRL 115.00 BRL
amaba 110.00 Brazilian Real 130.00 BRL
Amazon 110.00 Brazilian Real 140.00 BRL
Bahia 88.00 Brazilian Real 130.00 BRL
car R$ 99.99 130.00 BRL
Federal District R$ 99.99 119.99 R$
Holy Spirit 92.99 BRL 120.00 BRL
Goiás 98.99 BRL 145.00 BRL
Maranhão 78.00 BRL 130.00 BRL
Matthew Grosso 109.99 BRL 160.00 BRL
Mato Grosso do Sul 95.00 BRL 130.00 BRL
Minas Gerais 95.00 BRL 140.00 BRL
to 98.00 BRL 150.00 BRL
Paraiba R$ 99.99 128.00 Brazilian Real
Parana 98.90 BRL 140.00 BRL
Pernambuco 90.00 Brazilian Real 128.00 Brazilian Real
Biao 114.00 BRL 130.00 BRL
Rio de Janeiro 85.00 BRL 126.00 BRL
great northern river 105.00 BRL 139.00 BRL
Rio Grande do Sul 95.00 BRL 137.00 Brazilian Real
Rondonia 115.00 BRL 150.00 BRL
Roraima 117.00 BRL 131.00 BRL
Santa Catarina 107.00 Brazilian Real 150.00 BRL
Sao Paulo R$ 89.99 149.00 BRL
sergeby R$ 99.99 120.00 BRL
Tocantins 109.99 BRL 135.00 BRL

High price for the consumer

On the 8th of April, Petrobras announced a price reduction and on the 9th of the month, the price of bottled gas for distributors was reduced by 5.58%. However, the reduction has not yet been passed on to the consumer, who still has a slight increase in value from week to week.

In the 12 months to March 2022, final consumer cooking gas rose 29.56%, well above the country’s official inflation, which closed 2021 at 10.06%.

gas allowance

Auxílio Gás, which is paid to poor families and extreme poverty, was paid in April in the amount of R$51.00. However, according to a survey by the National Ports Agency, the value does not correspond to half of the average value of a cylinder of 13 kg, as suggested by the project. In addition to the benefit that is paid in the amount of less than 1 BRL for the month of February.

The G1 news portal questioned the Ministry of Nationality, which stated that the benefit amount is at least 50% of the national average price of gas cylinders for the past six months.

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