May 24, 2024

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Danny with her two sons explodes: 'I will continue to fight bravely'

Danny with her two sons explodes: ‘I will continue to fight bravely’

Danny Bananinha, model, actress and stage assistant Luciano Hack on “Calderao,” gave vent today and spoke to his followers about ingratitude.

In her Instagram story, Carioca advised netizens to show their feelings:

Do you kill yourself, do all the best and do the best, and make people treat you as if you were nothing more than an obligation? It is not. It’s nice to live with grateful people, who understand your effort, show affection, and any gesture. Be grateful for anyone who helps you in life, is by your side and gives you strength, praises you, pushes you, and pushes you forward. […] This is something I will teach my daughter a lot, to appreciate the smallest things. People these days are very ungrateful, very much. It’s surreal. Danny Banana

The assistant stage continued, citing a statement from Anita She sent a letter to encourage herself.

“As Anita used to say: ‘Woe to me if it wasn’t for me.’ Thank you Daniel, I like you and I’m with you to the end, let’s go, don’t get discouraged. We really screwed up on this, but on the other … God He doesn’t sleep, who knows. In this I am already losing hope, but I will continue to fight bravely, and conclude with prosperity,” she said.

In other stories, Danny thanked the kind messages she received and stated that she does not hide her problems on social media. “I’m really here, when I write my editions like this, I get millions of messages from people who match the situation.”

“I prefer to show that I’m a normal person, my life is very normal, that’s why I show my daily life, that I don’t have a maid, that I do everything, run in my thirties, and I’m a great mom, because I’m proud of me, my story,” concluded the actress.

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