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DataPriv launches advisory for the next batches of emergency aid;  paying off

DataPriv launches advisory for the next batches of emergency aid; paying off

There is a benefit that has brought some encouragement to thousands of Brazilian families in this era of the pandemic that is about to come to an end. Yes The sixth and penultimate batch of emergency aid Approaching and citizens can now consult the information on the Dataprev platform.

For those due, the fifth installment was already paid by the federal government, in August. The sixth installment, according to Caixa, starts to be repaid from September 17.

See the sixth batch of emergency aid

NS All Bahia It has provided a service of great benefit since the start of emergency relief. We bring up-to-date information so that beneficiaries do not waste time and withdraw the amounts to which they are entitled.

In the case of consulting the sixth installment of entitlement, the procedure is the same: open Datapriv site and inform your basic data, namely:

  • Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF),
  • full name,
  • Mother’s name (if it’s not in your documents, just check the box “Unknown mother”) and
  • date of Birth.
  • Next, click on the “I’m not a robot” checker and submit the data at the end.

After that, a page with the receipt history will open. if The beneficiary is eligible To receive the sixth installment, it will appear on the screen. In the event that benefits are suspended, a notification will also appear with the reason for the refusal.

It is also important to inform that when consulting Dataprev, it is also possible to refer to the results of the analysis on the request for assistance, the date on which requests were sent, the status and dispute over the benefit, among others.

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Schedule of the seventh batch of emergency aid

NS The last batch of emergency aid (i.e., the seventh installment) will be paid as of October 18, 2021. You can also refer to the feature on the Dataprev website.

See the table with dates below, by final NIS number:

Final number shekels Payment dates
shekel 1 October 18 2021
2 shekels October 19, 2021
3 shekels October 20 2021
4 shekels October 21, 2021
5 shekels October 22 2021
6 shekels October 25 2021
7 shekels October 26, 2021
8 shekels October 27, 2021
9 shekels October 28, 2021
0 shekels October 29 2021