June 7, 2023

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Deolane comments on MC Mirella's departure after Dynho's confusion: 'Free yourself, my love'

Deolane comments on MC Mirella’s departure after Dynho’s confusion: ‘Free yourself, my love’


The lawyer said she prefers not to interfere in the couple’s relationship

Dylan comments on MC Mirella's departure after confusion regarding Dino.  Photo: the lawyer's official Instagram.
Dylan comments on MC Mirella’s departure after confusion regarding Dino. Photo: the lawyer’s official Instagram.

Digital influencer and lawyer Dylan Bezerra isn’t even afraid to speak her mind and isn’t shy about asking questions. Commented on the differences and meat involved MC Mirella and Dinho Alves After exchanging barbs on social media. According to the attorney, when MC announced the separation, Deolane talked about it and advised her.

The Attorney He made the remarks during an interview with PodDelas with Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta. In the chat, Deolane stated that she prefers not to get involved in the couple’s relationship when she learns that the woman is being betrayed. “I am a strong supporter of love, but I do not count betrayal because [o casal] He returns and who breaks is the one who said. MC Kevinho’s widow said, “I no longer interfere in anyone’s relationship.

A lawyer who is also A successful singer on stageHe continued, “There was something about Mirella with my sister and Dinho, it just left me.” Sister Deolin. “Woman, what am I going to do?” , asked the blonde, when commenting on her relationship. A sister with Mirella’s ex-lover, a situation that would have pushed MC away from the lawyer, who was previously a friend.

“She stopped following me on Instagram. I didn’t even stop because for me… she stopped now because he put my name in the middle,” she added, remembering that she was involved in a situation he wasn’t with. Dylan also mentioned that she spoke to Mirella and praised the singer. I love Mirella, the obedient, independent, beautiful and successful girl. I even said, “Free yourself, my love,” he said.

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