October 4, 2023

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'If she supports Freixo and Lula, the media will smear her'

‘If she supports Freixo and Lula, the media will smear her’

Singer Gustavo Lima is subjected to vile attacks from the left in a conspiracy with the old media.

crazy thing.

The singer defended himself on social media against accusations of renting shows by small town halls and the clumsy accusation of “taking advantage of public money”.

paying off:

Even comedian and presenter Danilo Gentili gave his arm and came out in defense of Gusttavo Lima:

“If every year Gusttavo Lima took a photo in support of Freixo and voted for Lula, the media would pass. We will read at UOL today ‘How money from city halls at concerts generates income and boosts the local economy.’”

Here in Brazil, it all depends on which side you are on.”

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