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Discover the pros and cons of deodorants for healthy skin - 10/28/2021

Discover the pros and cons of deodorants for healthy skin – 10/28/2021

Just get into the pharmacy or go to the perfume store in the supermarket to find many models of deodorant. No wonder Brazil is the second largest consumer of the product according to a survey conducted by Euromonitor International. Last year alone, for example, the country recorded sales of about R$11.591 billion.

With the public’s growing interest in putting aside sweat (and bad odor too), the hygiene product industry is constantly investing in new options. But here is the question: Which is better for your skin? live well Talk to several experts and put together a real file with the information needed for you to make the best choice.

These are products designed to prevent or reduce sweating, especially when it is excessive, also known as excessive sweating. In addition, the deodorant prevents the unpleasant odor called bromides It occurs when bacteria on the skin feed on sweat and organic compounds (such as dead skin).

“The product blocks the ducts of the sweat passage to the external environment, by reducing the secretion of apocrine and endocrine sweat glands,” explains Marielle Bevilacoa, MD, a dermatologist at Moinhos de Vento Hospital, in Porto Alegre.

Therefore, people who suffer from excessive sweating or bad odor benefit greatly from antiperspirants. On the other hand, it can cause irritation to the most sensitive skin. Antiperspirants are available in different forms, such as aerosol, spray, cream, roll-on, stick (we explain them all below).

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Often used when the goal is ease of application, these products keep the armpits dry for longer, and are indicated for those who suffer from excessive sweating. Therefore, it is more used by those who suffer from hyperhidrosis and need to reapply deodorant more times a day.

But beware: deodorants are not suitable for sensitive skin, as they can cause allergic reactions. The aluminum in the composition can be toxic, when inhaled, because it is a heavy metal. In the case of aerosols, in particular, due to the system used, which requires the ejection of liquid or solid particles through a gas under pressure, the product is more susceptible to waste.

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This version is more sensitive to application and does not flow on the skin. In addition to the fact that it does not contain elements that can irritate the dermis, it is very suitable for those with sensitive skin. Esther Ballitot, MD, a dermatologist at UFPB’s Lauro Wonderley University Hospital warns, “Although it is a process to pass on, it does take time to dry. Another important drawback to remember is that the product may be contaminated due to direct contact with the skin” (University Federal da Paraíba), associated with Ebserh (Brazilian Hospital Services Corporation).

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Very similar to a roller, comes in a stick form, is practical and has a dry feel. Some dermatologists usually recommend the product to exercisers. This is due to the prolonged contact of the deodorant with the skin, which reduces excessive sweating and unpleasant odors. On the other hand, the product can leave a thick film on the skin and stain clothes.

It is considered the most moisturizing for the skin, as it takes in its composition emollient components that soothe the dermis. Therefore, it is suitable for sensitive skin, for people who need maximum protection and for those who remove hair with a razor. The only concern is how to spread the product: it is necessary to use your hands, not to be as practical as other options.

Although this component has been removed from formulations of deodorants, due to the risk of causing irritation, dryness and itching on the skin, some products still contain alcohol. This is due to the antimicrobial effect of the component, which prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

  • With aloe vera, chamomile and marigold

These three plant extracts provide a soothing action, so they are very suitable for those with sensitive skin, as they reduce the potential for irritation in deodorant formulations.

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It is a good option for sensitive skin and for those who do not prefer to use metal. This is because aluminum forms a gel that temporarily clogs the pores that release sweat. Because of this, there is a risk of blockage and inflammation of the sweat gland.

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On the other hand, the Aluminum Free FormulaOften, it does not provide an antiperspirant effect, which can become a problem for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis. “Topical use of aluminum has been shown to be safe and many studies have proven it. It is more of a myth than some of the advantages of using aluminum-free products,” says Bevilacqua.

Also known as stone deodorant, it is a natural alternative to using traditional deodorants. The explanation is that this type of product is made of a mineral called potassium alum, also known as potassium aluminum sulfate. Unlike the aluminum salts used in antiperspirants, alum does not prevent sweating, it only helps control the growth of bacteria that can cause underarm odor.

The product contains magnesium hydroxide which acts as a deodorant by making the pH of the armpit area more alkaline, in addition to impeding the reproduction of microorganisms and bad odor. However, its effectiveness is much lower than that of other deodorants.

The product is sold in solid form, and it is made from natural ingredients, such as essential oils, which form a layer that adheres to the armpits and contributes to moisturizing the skin. This odor control deodorant works against odor-causing bacteria. The disadvantage of the product is that it does not prevent sweating.

It should be noted that deodorant bars are generally made with plant extracts and sodium bicarbonate to raise the pH of the skin and reduce the bacterial effect to fight odor. “We should remember that if baking soda actually damages fabrics — which is often used to bleach stains on clothes — imagine the damage it does to our skin?” Bevilacqua asks.

nature in vogue

Currently, many manufacturers have taken from the composition of the components of deodorants that have been refuted by people seeking to lead a more natural life. This is the case for Crystal products, which are free of aluminum, parabens and triclosan, or bar products. But it is good to pay attention in cases of excessive sweating.

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“Products usually don’t prevent sweating, just control odor due to their antiseptic effect,” warns Ileulina Lara Calide Nita, MD, a dermatologist at Marcelino Champagne Hospital, in Curitiba.

But what is race after all?

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The fluid produced by the sweat glands – consisting of water, mineral salts and other substances – is intended to regulate high body temperature. And forget this myth that sweat and bad odor are linked.

“Foul odor is caused by bacteria multiplying in the armpit, which occurs with or without the appearance of sweat. Other conditions can also affect bad odor, such as alcohol consumption, food (garlic and curry, for example), medications, and metabolic and systemic diseases,” she explains. Fabiana Seidel, dermatologist and member of the SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology).

to try

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Prices surveyed on October 26, 2021. UOL may receive a portion of sales through recommended links in this content. Store prices and offers do not affect the editor’s selection criteria.

Another source consulted: Les Leonor, a dermatologist at Dr. Andre Braz (RJ) Clinic.