September 29, 2023

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Nome sujo bloqueia cartão de crédito? Confira

Dirty Name Bans Credit Card? paying off

Denial of name in devices credit Or to have a “dirty name” in general, affect people’s financial lives, because this means that it will be difficult to get credit and finance.

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My name got dirty, will my credit card be blocked?

It is important to stress that the negative name in credit agencies refers to the history of the consumer’s financial behavior. In this way, a citizen’s name can be dirty because he owes a store, mobile plan, internet, or any other business case.

Therefore, the credit card is not blocked because the CPF is negative, as long as it is paid on time.

However, if the consumer has loan With the same financial institution that issued his credit card and he has a suspense loan Which left him with restrictions in the name, in this case, the citizen will likely lose the card, due to the debts that he has in the same institution.

And if you want to rent a new credit card or increase the limit on what you already have, a citizen with the incorrect name will have great difficulty obtaining it, due to financial constraints.

Situations that stain the name

There are many situations that can result in a consumer’s name being made negative in major credit protection agencies. Check out some of the reasons a consumer might get an inappropriate name:


Another way to smudge your name is when someone you owe a debt puts your name in court for you to pay off.


It occurs when the consumer is late in paying the bill, which may be intentional, due to forgetfulness or financial hardship.

bad choice

When someone writes a check and he has no money in the bank to pay, it shows that he has no control over his financial life.

Subscribe to bankruptcy

When the company in which the person is a partner goes bankrupt and is unable to pay its financial debts.


It happens, for example, when a consumer buys something on credit in a particular store and cannot pay. In this way, the store protests the debt in the notary’s office, causing the CPF to be negative.

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