May 19, 2024

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FGTS withdrawal not credited to the account?  I know what to do!

FGTS withdrawal not credited to the account? I know what to do!

On April 20, a Federal Savings Bank The so-called extraordinary withdrawal of the deposit began to FGTS. Thus, 3.9 million people born in January received the benefit on this day, in addition to other workers who had already been released.

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Until June 15, the bank will allow the withdrawal of up to one thousand Brazilian reals to 42 million people and this measure can continue as long as necessary. But what if your money does not reach the account, even after the date of receipt? Keep reading to find out what to do.

Withdrawing from FGTS: what to do if the money is not deposited into your account?

The government Increasing the amount of money withdrawn from the fund for a short period of time. This is part of the economic recovery plan. The Withdraw The FGTS was already launched in 2020, but now there is a chance for a new one.

To find out how much you are entitled to guarantee fund for the federal government Social securityJust access the official app. The FGTS application (Android and iOS) allows you to refer to the individual balance of each account associated with an employment contract, as well as the total balance of all accounts.

Check the calendar by month of birth:

  • January: April 20
  • February: April 30
  • March: May 4
  • April: May 11.
  • May: May 14
  • June: May 18.
  • July: May 21
  • August: May 25.
  • September: May 28.
  • October: 1st of June
  • November: June 8
  • December: June 15.
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If you haven’t got your money into your account, you probably haven’t created a Caixa Tem digital savings account. Anyone who has already taken out a PIS Pasep or FGTS withdrawal likely already has a Caixa Tem digital savings account.

Those who have not received any of the above payments are encouraged to automatically create an account. However, in some cases, you may not be able to continue unlocking. You should establish a system to be informed of this regularly before opening an account.

If an error message is displayed on the application screen, it means that the extraordinary draw entry will be entered as a future entry on the date specified in the calendar.

If this is your case, just wait for the exact date of the amount that will be released into your account. If the amount has not yet been deposited, try contacting the Caixa agency closest to you.