May 28, 2024

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Discord game features aggression from Maria and Natalia's shot

Discord game features aggression from Maria and Natalia’s shot

BBB22: Maria throws a bucket of water at Natalia

The game of discord on Monday night (14) o’clock”BBB22“It was talked about on social media…but not in a positive way. The main criticism from the public was the aggressive way in which it Maria Hit the bucket on the head Natalia – It is something that even disputes with Paredão Arthur Agyar And barbaric – And Thaddeus Schmidt Just give her a warning.

In the dynamics, the two brothers had to choose someone to charge based on small cues: “Se Faz de Victim”, “Arrogant”, “No Word”, “Zero à Esquerda”, “Speak a lot and do little”, “Cheater”, ” Useless”, “interested”, “no charisma”, “poor in play”, “better close”, “no character” and “unpleasant”.

After presenting the arguments, if the majority agree, the accused takes a bath with a bucket of water. And if the majority differed, the complainant drowned.

Mary expelled?

On the part of Natalia, she called Maria and said that her sister “speaks a lot and does little.” The brothers voted “no” to justify, which ended up getting wet by Ho Nat.

However, when Maria poured the water, she exaggerated the force and hit the bucket on the walled woman’s head. It didn’t take long and the topic took over social media, with many people calling for Maria to be fired for assault.

With that, Tadeu asked for a break, and on the way back, he asked if Natalia was okay. “It’s okay, I felt aggressive, but it’s okay,” she replied. “Well, very keen on everyone,” asked the presenter.

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On the Internet, the issue has become a popular topic, with the public often outraged. More so, right after the match, Mariah ended up assuming she was being aggressive. “You (Natalia) left me with so much hate, at the time when I didn’t think about it when you did it and (…) you know, this is the second time I’ve been aggressive with someone,” he said. to Vinny.

Natalia shot

In addition to being assaulted by Maria, Natalia was shot from home. She was selected to be accused by Sloveniawith “Better than a closed mouth”, by Tiago Abravanelwith “Se Faz de Vítima”, by Maria, with “Ungrateful”, composed by Vinicius And Eliezerwith “arrogant”, for Larissa And Bruna Gonçalveswith ‘without personality’, and by Lucaswith a “weakness in the game”.

Nat even tried to defend herself at times, but according to the rules of the game she had to calmly listen to criticism. The sister held on well during the dynamic, but ended up crying later, in conversation with her Douglas Silva.

On the internet, people said Nat will come back from Paredão stronger and be an answer to everyone in the house.