September 29, 2023

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Who is Maria from "BBB22" ineligible post after attacking Natalia |  Music

Who is Maria from “BBB22” ineligible post after attacking Natalia | Music

In the early afternoon of Tuesday (15), Maria was disqualified from ‘BBB22’. The singer and actress left the game after hitting Natalya in the head with a bucket during Game of Discord on Monday night (14).

Before the Camarote group’s reality show, the 21-year-old Carioca was known to some Acting in “Mother’s Love”TV series at 9 PM written by Manuela Dias, but her voice has already been heard a billion times in “Poesia Acústica”.

Find out the story of Maria and the other “BBB22” singers on the podcast I heard g1:

Despite her stage name, Maria, 21, was born Vitoria Nascimento Camara, in the Cidade Alta community of Rio.

In an interview with g 1She doesn’t explain very well why this generic art name is for Maria, but only says that it’s the name he “chose” her. Before that it was Maria Andrade, but she got into the BBB just like Maria.

In music, she is the only rapper in Poesia Acústica #2 “About Us” and #3 “Capricorniana”. The project is a phenomenon on YouTube, garnered millions of views, as the rapper collects private recordings.

Two years later, Maria began releasing singles after signing to Sony Music. The songs followed a pop track with a bit of funk, rap, and R&B but didn’t really take off. The track “Perdão” was the best result.

Verena (Maria) and Alvaro (Irandir Santos) in a scene from the movie “Amour de Mai” – Photo: Globo/Victor Pollack

Maria has studied theater since the age of seven and has seen music as a complementary skill to her acting career.

role in “mother’s love“It was her first appearance on television, five years after many auditions. She played Verena, a woman who married Alvaro, the great villain played by Erander Santos.

he told g 1 When the series was still on the air in 2020.

In the early days of reality, Pedro Scooby and his other brothers were surprised when they found out that it was the “Boesia Axteca Mine” in the tracks that rocked.

This Tuesday, the 15th, Maria was disqualified from “BBB 22” for failing to comply with one of the program’s rules.

“After analyzing images of the game dynamics of discord, from yesterday, the 14th, there was an assault by the subscriber on Natália, and according to the rules, the actress and singer were disqualified,” Globo reported early this afternoon. Tuesday (15).

According to the show’s production, Maria will not be replaced.

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