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Dr. Gharib 2 |  Who are the Illuminati and why does Professor Xavier appear?

Dr. Gharib 2 | Who are the Illuminati and why does Professor Xavier appear?

.’s new trailer Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It brought a cameo that got everyone excited: Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is back, indicating not only a connection between the new movie and the classic X-Men, but also introducing another team of comics to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (MCU): Illuminati.

But in the same way that the revelation surprised a lot of people, they also left a part of the audience without understanding what was happening. After all, what is the relationship between Xavier and Dr. Strange? How does the X-Men get into this complete mess? Who are the Illuminati?

The suggestion that Xavier is in the Multiverse of Madness got a lot of enthusiasm (Image: clones/Marvel Studios)

If you’re confused, that’s okay – after all, you can’t expect anything other than that The multiverse of madnessis not it?

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How did Dr. Strange get there?

Before you get too excited about a possible X-Men entry into the MCU, it’s worth noting that Xavier’s look seems more related to the multiverse than it actually is to the movie universe we’ve been following over the past decade. So while it is exciting to see these heroes come together under the same banner, it must be made clear that this meeting takes place under very specific circumstances.

And what makes us believe that? Well, there are a number of clues left in the trailer that fit in with the rumors and leaks that have been surfacing for some time about the storyline of the new one. Dr. Gharib.

according to one The supposed script was releasedStephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) will escape from the great villain in the movie and will fall into a very special reality. There Strange meets Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) as the supreme sorcerer of that world, as the trailer itself suggests.

As can be seen in the promotional material, in this context, Doctor Strange was arrested on the grounds of profaning reality and, therefore, should be duly punished.

The Ultron robots are proof that things are very different in this reality (Image: clones/Marvel Studios)

And this is where things get interesting. First, because we see the hero accompanied by Ultron bots – which really shows how much this world is different from the MCU we know. But, more than showing that a robotic villain never existed, this scene also confirms the rumor that we should have a different kind of Tony Stark appear and that many people think that he will not live by anyone other than Tom Cruise himself.

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Marvel Rulers

Whoever wears the armor, everything indicates that we will have some kind of group that controls everything in this reality, almost like some kind of New World Order – take a closer look at the scenes because everything has a simple aesthetic very reminiscent of this idea of ​​the future holistic; So much so that we see robots taking Dr. Strange into a large room with several seats in the upper area while the therapist is put on trial.

The Illuminati of this reality seem to have a courtroom just for them (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

It is not possible to determine who exactly on these thrones. We see Mordo walking in the background and two people shrouded in shadows, but here’s one of them showing up with one look proposing to present the truth to Strange. And while the face isn’t revealed, the silhouette and voice aren’t fooled: Xavier is among us.

This revelation wasn’t a huge surprise because, like everything else in the movie, there were already rumors pointing to it, including concept art that showed the wizard handcuffed and escorted by Ultron robots in front of Xavier with a look straight out of the drawing. X-Men 1997, i.e. with the flying yellow chair.

At the time this illustration was released, many people thought it was a lie because it was a very silly idea. However, the new trailer for The multiverse of madness Not only did he reveal that this was possible, but he also provided the context in which this meeting would take place.

Who are the Illuminati?

That doesn’t mean, however, that Doctor Strange was captured by the X-Men, nor that this Xavier is the same we’ve seen for nearly 20 years in the Fox universe. marvelThe feature will bring an actor already known to fans to showcase an alternate version of that character rather than trying to fit the chronology.

So, instead of leading the X-Men, Professor X from The multiverse of madness He appears to be allied with another group: the Illuminati.

In the comics, the group is not necessarily a super team like the Avengers and X-Men themselves, but rather a kind of secret council formed by the most powerful men in the Marvel universe, such as Iron Man, Doctor Fate, Namor, Black Lightning, Professor Xavier and Dr. Strange himself.

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This wasn’t the only Illuminati group, but it’s the most classic (Image: clones/Marvel Comics)

In the comics, they are presented as these great minds who decide the direction of the world – which justifies the very suggestive name. Just to give you an idea, they were responsible for deciding to move the Hulk off Earth after a few episodes of spiraling out of control, causing Banner to fall to the gladiator planet Sakaar, resulting in both an epic hulk planet As in return and revenge from verdão in Hulk vs. the world.

so what Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness It must provide a reinterpretation of this concept. Rather than being this secret council, the Illuminati should really be some kind of government, even with a pompous headquarters and an army of robots. And as Mordue hints, they should be concerned not only with this reality, but with the multiverse itself.

Incidentally, the emergence of the Illuminati in the MCU is something that even the creator of the group celebrated in the comics. On your profile at TwitterScreenwriter Brian Michael Bendis celebrated an image from the team’s comic for the first time, making it clear that we really see the heroes on screen.

Great difference and doubt also revolve around the composition of these particular Illuminati. It’s becoming clear that Xavier is a part of it and that there’s a big secret being shared by the members, and we have no idea about them – but there are some suspicions.

First, there are the suppliers itself. If he was indeed the Supreme Wizard of this fact, then it made perfect sense that he would be part of the Illuminati as the one in charge of controlling the mystical activities of the world. Also, the shadows seem to imply that we should have a different kind of Black Panther – note how the person sitting to the left of the screen holds the same royal status as the King of Wakanda – while the other character is still quite mysterious.

In addition, there is the same Iron Man that we already mentioned before. Whether it’s Tom Cruise or another actor, there’s a very good chance he’s fighting Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and using some Infinity Stones to get to her head.

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What can come out of it?

The big question that remains up in the air is what Marvel plans for the MCU when introducing the Illuminati and Xavier himself in The multiverse of madness. Well, the possibilities are no less than the number of facts out there.

The first point is that Professor X’s introduction is more than a tease Kevin Feige For fans of X-Men and Transformers. We’ve seen this happen in WandaVision And now we’ll get another, more impressive picture. There’s no way to know if this will somehow put booms in the MCU once and for all, but it does show that the studio is warming up the engines to start working on the concept soon.

Theory: Doctor Strange from this fact dies and this is the impetus for the formation of the Illuminati (Image: Reproduction / Marvel Studios)

There are those who believe that this can lead to M . dynasty The opposite, with Wanda using her powers at the end of the movie to create mutations – unlike in the comics, where you wipe Gene X out of existence. There is nothing to suggest any such thing, but it is a hypothesis that cannot be completely ruled out. After all, if the Xavier Flying Chair appeared, then anything really is possible.

On the other hand, the emergence of the Illuminati could be something with much more significant future implications for the MCU. After all, what if Doctor Strange was inspired by the idea and took the concept of a group made up of great minds to the regular movie world? It is very likely that something will happen and may well combine with the detection of phases 4 and 5 of Marvel Studios.

After all, with the continuous expansion of the number of heroes and the imminent arrival Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors), it would make perfect sense for the wizard to collect other heroes with high abilities to keep this reality in check. While this concentration of power has been in the Avengers’ hands so far, we may have something much bigger in the near future.

However, this is all speculation – albeit duly supported by what the comics have already shown us. We won’t find out the truth until May 5th, when Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness Come to the cinemas.