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Does Instagram show who visited your profile?  Rumors spread on the Internet |  social networks

Does Instagram show who visited your profile? Rumors spread on the Internet | social networks

a Instagram It can start to show who visited your profile. This is what a rumor spreads on the Internet on Wednesday (29). The rumor originated from a screenshot posted by a user at Twitter : In the photo, the Activity tab, which collects information such as photo likes and friend requests, shows how many people have visited the profile – and who they are. As of the publication of this article, the tweet had received over 28,700 likes and had been shared over 6,800 times.

a take you She contacted Instagram to confirm the information is correct, but had not received any response until this article was published. The text will be updated as soon as we get a response. Therefore, it is not yet possible to determine if Instagram is about to get a feature to show profile visitors.

Instagram can show who visited your profile, pointing to a rumor circulating on the web – Photo: Reproduction / Unsplash

data google trends, a platform that monitors searches in real time, shows that searches for the phrase “Instagram shows who visited your profile” registered a sudden increase in the past four hours. The behavior indicates that users were turning to the search engine to confirm that the information was correct.

The photo that led to the rumor was posted to @g0ulaarte’s profile. This is a purported screenshot of the Activity tab in the Instagram app. In the image, you can see the message “X, X and 73 others visited your profile” just above similar notifications, with the user identified with an X. The message is in English, the names of the supposed visitors are blurred.

A print that went viral on Twitter shows Instagram’s ‘Activity’ tab reporting the number and identity of profile visitors – Image: Reproduction/Twitter

The ability to show Instagram profile visitors excites users on social networks

The post reverberated within a few hours and caused an uproar among Twitter users. In responses to the original post, many questioned whether the print version was a fake or if the feature in question was actually in development. Most people reacted stunned that Instagram could show profile visitors and “slander” on stalking. One user commented “I hope it’s a lie. I stalked my ex yesterday. Where is my dignity?”

Is it possible to find out who visited my Instagram profile?

It is worth noting that so far, only Instagram allows Business account holders display the number of profile visitors. The feature is available in the “Instagram Insights” section, but it does not reveal the identity of the people who accessed the account.

*under development. The text will be updated.

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