May 19, 2024

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Instagram bugging? The app has many issues with Stories

Instagram has been experiencing problems for users in Brazil since last night (28). According to reports on social media, the flaws range from issues with the feed to difficulty viewing and publishing stories.

Although the problems started yesterday, the social network was still crashing early Wednesday morning (29). As you can see from the DownDetector platform graph, the number of complaints involving Instagram crashes has increased today.

Users of the platform use Twitter to complain about the situation. Since yesterday, many people have used the microblog to denounce the flaws of the neighboring app, which has resulted in Instagram related terms being the most talked about topic on the network. Desired by Elon Musk.

What problems does Instagram face?

The main drawback of Instagram these days is Difficulty spreading stories. When the camera is opened to take videos or photos, the user cannot proceed to create the post. On the other hand, it is still possible to post previously taken photos and videos.

Another major flaw presented by the app is its View stories. After some time, the application displays the publications Just like the gray rectangle.

instaThere are issues with the camera used to capture stories

Additionally, in some cases, the platform will restart Viewed Stories, resetting the feed each time the user leaves the post view. A similar problem has already occurred Recently happened on social network.

Finally, some reports still indicate problems even with feed posts and direct messages on the social network. The Reels video section will also be affected by the instability.

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So far, Instagram has not officially commented on this.