June 7, 2023

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'Don't come near me': Wesley Savadao defends himself after being accused of 'stardom'

‘Don’t come near me’: Wesley Savadao defends himself after being accused of ‘stardom’

Singer Wesley Savadao has been accused of “stardom” after refusing to take a picture with a fan as he walked to stage for a show in São Louis, Massachusetts, on Saturday (14). In the video, which spread on social media, the artist asks not to touch him.

“Don’t touch it, don’t come near me,” says Wesley Savadao. At the same moment a fan can be heard asking for a photo with the singer. However, the artist explained in a series of stories published on Instagram that the phrase was directed at a security guard standing behind him.

In another moment video, posted by the singer, a security guard is seen supporting Wesley Savada’s shoulder and immediately telling him not to touch it. According to the artist, he had previously asked the team to loosen the security cordon that accompanied him.

“As soon as I leave [do camarim] When I say ‘I don’t want people near me’, I’m referring to the security guards standing behind me, and soon after, I take pictures and go to the stage,” Savadao explained.

Despite the misunderstanding, the singer apologized to the fan. “I apologize to the girl who made this video if I was offended. The artist said this wasn’t for you, this wouldn’t be for you.

Later, Safadão made another recording lamenting the way the video had gone viral. “Things get distorted very quickly. I went to sleep happy and when I wake up, a video like this went viral, and the intention was completely different,” he said.

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