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Summary of chapters from 5/23 to 5/28

Summary of chapters from 5/23 to 5/28

Monday, 5/23 (Chapter 49)
Tiberius warns Moda of Juma. Tulio admired the skill of Jose Lucas in the century. Maria Bruaca made it clear to Tenório that she knew of Zulika’s existence. Moda tells Juma the whole truth of her story. Jose Lucas Tulio tells that his grandmother told him that they named his father the Merinho Mine.

Juma tells Moda that they are going to kill Tenorio. I hired Maria Broca Ziva to do the housework. Irma seeks to bring Mariana to reality. At the request of José Leôncio, Tibério convinces Juma to sell the cattle and improve his life. José Leoncio proceeded to introduce him by Tulio to José Lucas, realizing the image of his father.

Tuesday, 5/24 (Chapter 50)
Jose Lucas identifies himself in the stories Tulio tells about Jose Loncio’s family. Gustavo despairs of Madeleine’s death.Geoff tells Irma that he loves Juma, but admits that his place is not limited to life in Tefira. Dreaming of Jose Leoncio Madeleine asking for help to leave.

Mariana warns Gauff that he will have to get a job.Tado tells Jose Leoncio that he has found Jose Lucas similar to his father. The old man of Rio saves Moda. Mariana warns Goff and Irma that they must return to the Pantanal. Juma told Tiberio that he trusted him and Jose Leoncio.

Wednesday, 5/25 (Chapter 51)
Tiberius learned that Livy sought Moda.Tenório does not like to know that Maria Bruaca is out with Alcides. Jose Loncio is happy with the arrival of Goff and Irma. José Lucas tells Tulio that he will be a pawn.Jof returns to Taftira Juma.

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Tenorio does not think he can lose Maria Broca. Gustavo decides to take a break from the office and invites Nayara to travel with him without a destination.Mariana is feeling lonely. José Leôncio is concerned about Jove’s decision to go after the marruás. Tadeu is jealous of the way José Leôncio Jove is being treated. Joff asks Juma to help him settle down with his father.

Thursday, 5/26 (Chapter 52)
Goff asks Juma to live in Jose Leoncio’s house as his companion. Philo is upset by Jose Leoncio’s words about Tadeu. Irma admits that she is afraid of her approaching Trinidad. Gotta is interested in getting to know the other Tenório family.

Túlio and José Lucas arrive at the farm to play a truce with the peons. Jof tells Juma that Velho do Rio is his grandfather. Tado tells Filo that Jose Lucas must be Jose Leoncio’s son. José Leôncio invited Jose Lucas to be a farmworker. Tiberius injures Levi to defend Moda. Trindade approaches Levi upon seeing him flee the farm.

Friday, 5/27 (Chapter 53)
José Leôncio Tadeu ordered the plane to be prepared to take Tibério to the hospital. Trinity threatens to kill Levi. Moda feels guilty. Trinity prevents Juma from killing Levi. Irma is shocked by Jose Lucas. Túlio expels José Lucas from his retinue in order to pawn to accept José Leôncio’s invitation.

Jove orders the pawns to do nothing against Levi and wait for Jose Leoncio to return. Philo realizes that FridayHe still hasn’t slept with Geoff and is ready to talk to the young lady. Irma pays tribute to Joffe. Moda promises to release Levi if he helps him take revenge on Tenorio. José Leôncio is affectionate with Tadeu. Jose Leoncio Goff accused Levi’s escape.

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Saturday, 5/28 (Chapter 54)
José Leôncio is delighted that José Lucas has accepted the job offer. Philo doubts Moda. Velho do Rio watches Levi, who asks Alcides for help. Goff doesn’t like the compliment that Jose Lucas gave to Juma. Jose Leoncio and Jose Lucas discover that they are a father and a son.

José Leôncio tells the staff that José Lucas will be working on a farm.Ari told Jose Leoncio that Tiberio had an infection and had to have surgery again. Tenorio decides to help Levi against Jota. Tadeu doesn’t like the attention José Leôncio gives to Jose Lucas. Alcides tells Levi that he, like him, intends to kill Tenório.

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