June 12, 2024

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Don’t eat a lot of meat if you are part of these groups of people

Eating processed meat has been linked to serious diseases such as cancer, for example. Learn how to take care of yourself!

a meat It is a food that is known to offer many benefits to the body, but consuming it in excess can lead to the opposite effect and It causes serious health problems. According to the Meganoticias portal (in Spanish), the consumption of processed meat has been associated with serious diseases, such as cancerfor example.

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Recommending not to exceed the limit of three servings per week, which is an impossible goal to achieve when we do so barbecue with friends. The benefits of eating less meat may be greater for some people. Find out what they are below!

People who should consume less meat on a daily basis

  • Those who do not drink enough water: To be processed inside the stomach, meat requires a lot of water. So remember to be hydrated when eating.
  • Those with intestinal blockage: If you find it difficult to go to the bathroom regularly, know that eating a lot of meat can further disrupt this process. Rethink your diet and include a good amount of fiber from fruits and vegetables. With plenty of water and a balanced diet it is possible to solve this problem.
  • Those with high cholesterol: Excessive consumption of saturated fats raises levels of “bad cholesterol” in the body. In this way, the advice is to reduce the amount of cuts of meat that are considered fatty and to prioritize lean cuts.
  • Those who suffer from bad breath: After meat is digested, the body releases ammonia, a chemical that can reach the mouth and cause bad breath.
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