July 20, 2024

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Double PIS/Pasep Allowance can be paid up to R,420 as of January

Double PIS/Pasep Allowance can be paid up to R$2,420 as of January

As a result of the suspension of base year salary premium payments for 2020 so that the government can divert program resources to the issuance of the Emergency Employment and Income Preservation Program, known as BEm, workers who have recently formally worked in the year they will receive the benefits from January 2022.

Understand the reason for the double benefit

As a general rule, a worker who works all year is entitled to a PIS/Pasep salary bonus in the following year. However, workers who worked last year were unable to get paid this year due to the transfer of resources to BEm, as the payment of the salary bonus was rescheduled for 2022.

The salary bonus payment dates for 2020 and 2021 were for the next year, in view of the postponement of the base year bonus 2020 and according to the rule that workers who work during this year will also receive in 2022.

To understand this issue, it is important to emphasize that not all workers will be able to get the benefits accrued next year, after all, those who did not work in 2020 and only in 2021 will get the benefit this year. Just like those who worked in 2020 and did not work this year will get the 2020 allowance.

Another important issue is that the benefit is paid in proportion to the number of months worked over the base year, that is, those who worked 12 months in 2020 and 12 months in 2021 will have access to it doubled.

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On the other hand, those who worked for a certain period of time in 2020 and 2021 will proportionately receive the months worked in the respective years.

Paying the salary bonus

Regarding payments, the Economy Ministry believes that the minimum wage for 2022 should be R$1,210, due to inflation rates calculated by the International Statistics Institute.

It is worth remembering that workers who work all year round can get the minimum wage, while those who work less time will get a proportional wage.

The calculation is simple, just divide 1210 by 12 (12 months) and multiply it by the number of working months in each base year, that is, 2020 and 2021 if they are entitled to determine the amount that will be received for each working year.

Another important issue with payments is changing the payment schedule. This is because until the entitlement was postponed, the allowance was paid between July of one year and June of the following year.

However, starting next year, payments will be issued to all workers in the same year, with payments starting in January and ending in December.

Therefore, the expectation is that workers born in January receive in January, workers born in February receive in February, and so on.

PIS / Pasep . classes

While workers await payment of the PIS/Pasep salary bonus, the government was providing PIS/Pasep quotas to workers who worked between 1971 and 1986.

Values ​​reach R$23 billion and more than 10 million people can benefit from the withdrawal that few people know is available, to find out more about how quotas work and who can get them, just check it out. here.

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