September 22, 2023

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Douglas shocked by Eliezer's secret on BBB 22: 'Sucker' TV news

Douglas shocked by Eliezer’s secret on BBB 22: ‘Sucker’ TV news

Douglas Silva I lost patience with her Eliezer Netto During the early morning party this Thursday (3), at BBB 22. The businessman started talking about the last wall vote when he exposed his betrayal Larissa Tomasia. The way she presented the information, full of symbols, did not please the actor. “Do you want to pay me for a lollipop?” , shot while hanging on the ring.

Silva and Neto were in the pool, when the Bebuca member talks about Larissa again. Friend Vinicius Fernandez He turned down after Douglas defended Pernambuco. “The answer is here,” he said vaguely. He added, “I put myself in a very big hole because I like you so much, brother.”

“I want you to ask yourself,” Eli continued, “Douglas asked the sucker to open up the game or not say anything, because his streaks were confusing him. “Well, beautiful, I loved hearing that. Either Larisa voted for me, or for Geslylan and Natalia …,” said Maria Flor’s father. “It’s not about trust…,” Neto concluded.

Later, Silva was disturbed by Neto’s cross answers and blew up Natalia Diodato’s affair with Gustavo Marcingo’s vent: “Wait for me [Larissa] come out to say it was she? Take it up your ass, right? Do you want to pay me a lollipop? “

“If he did, it was a totally atypical move, then he wants to get out of the ‘I’m exempt from the room.’ And over us?” , Bachelor of Laws supported. “My penis, I wouldn’t pay to see it,” the artist complained.

As the actor from City of God (2002) Pedro Scobe told about the conversation: “There, by the pool, out of nowhere, Ellie came to talk to me, saying he didn’t vote for me., She voted for me, but why before she left, he didn’t come to talk With me, he came to talk, so, in the middle of the vote, I looked at him and said, ‘I didn’t do that.’ Wait on my leave…So I must be suspicious? Do you understand?

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