July 20, 2024

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Eliezer runs after Jesse and gets the production call

Eliezer runs after Jesse and gets the production call

Brothers continue to enjoy Gathered during the party of leader Paulo Andre. At some point, Ellie plays with Giseilan, and begins to follow her sister.

Jesse runs away from her brother and asks for help from Lina, who is following the situation, laughing

The teacher asked her, “Get out, Ellie. Stop. Lena, help me. Lena, help me. Stop, Ellie, I’m serious. Please stop.”

Soon, the singer jokingly said: “Natalia there, look.”

The two continued to play, however, with production issuing an alert to Eliezer to “take it easy” with the joke.

With astonishment, the two explain, “We’re kidding. She’s kidding, folks.”

Party leader Paulo Andre at the Olympic Village “BBB”

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