July 25, 2024

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Embraer unveils 4 hydrogen fuel cell alternative energy aircraft  cooperation

Embraer unveils 4 hydrogen fuel cell alternative energy aircraft cooperation

a Embraer On Monday (8), it announced a project to develop aircraft powered by alternative energies. in a hydrogen fuel cells, You are 4 concepts part of the family Planes called “energy”.

The company said the goal is to help the industry reach the zero target carbon emissions until 2050.

To create an international concept consortium of engineering universities, aviation research institutes and small and medium-sized businesses.

There are no details yet on the production of the models, but The company anticipates the availability of technologies from 2030 onwards It is reported that every plane is going on Analyze it to me Technical and commercial feasibility.

See the technical details of the Embraer aircraft:

  • Electric hybrid propulsion.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%
  • 9 seats
  • Rear-mounted engines
  • Technology Availability -2030

Energia Hybrid – Photo: Embraer

  • Full electric drive.
  • Zero carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 9 seats.
  • Counter back rotating fans (using a second fan that rotates in the opposite direction to the first).
  • Availability of technology – 2035.

Embraer Electric Power – Photo: Embraer

Energia H2 Fuel Cell Gas Turbine (E19-H2FC)

  • Hydrogen electric propulsion.
  • Zero carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 19 seats.
  • Rear-mounted electric motors.
  • Availability of technology – 2035.

Energia Gas Turbine (E50-H2GT)

  • Hydrogen or SAF/JetA propulsion.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 100%.
  • From 35 to 50 seats.
  • Rear mounted engines.
  • Availability of technology – 2040.

Embraer Energia H2 fuel cell gas turbine – Photo: Embraer

In the “flying car” race

Embraer also recently announced plans that include so-called eVTOLs, which are often vehicles Referred to as “flying cars”. The company says the goal is to deliver its version of the aircraft to customers starting in 2026.

Embraer’s eVTOL concept – Photo: Disclosure / Embraer

Gol Airlines and Azul Airlines are also in this race and have agreements to receive, from 2025, the first eVTOLs, which will be produced by European companies.

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