May 22, 2024

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ETASA, Banco do Brasil, GSL and Marisa announced their third-quarter results tonight By

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By Anna Beatriz Bartolo – Tonight, after the market closes, Itaúsa and Banco do Brasil release their quarterly balance sheets, along with Marisa, Yduqs, São Martinho, Direcional, GetNinjas, JSL and Lojas Quero-Quero.

Tomorrow, 09, before the trading session, it’s BTG and Gol’s turn to publish their results for the third quarter of ’21.

Check what the market expects for each company.

São Carlos (SA:)

Banco BTG Pactual (SA 🙂 expects São Carlos to deliver in the third quarter of this year an increase of R$63 million, a year-over-year increase of 7%, and an EBITDA of R$46 million, a decrease of 1%, as a result Net of 16 million Brazilian riyals, increased by 16%.


Genial Investimentos expects R$2.804 billion in Q321 for ITAISA.

Banco do Brasil (SA 🙂

For the third quarter of ’21, XP (NASDAQ:) expects a 31% increase in Banco do Brasil to 4.559 billion rand. BTG Pactual expects a net result of R$4.646 billion, an increase of 51% compared to the third quarter of 2020. Finally, Genial Investimentos expects a net profit of R$4.588 billion.

Sao Martino (SA 🙂

XP estimates that São Martinho will receive R$1.364 billion in Q321, a year-on-year increase of 48.3%, and Ebitda of R$1.168 billion. XP expects net revenue of R$1.234 billion, growth of 34%, Ebitda of R$776 million, an increase of 43%, and a net result of R$194 million, a decrease of 42%.


Genial Investimentos expects that in the third quarter of 2021, Yduqs will generate income of R$393 million and net profit of R$163 million. On the other hand, BTG Pactual estimates net revenue of R$1.071 billion, an annual increase of 10%, and Ebitda of R$383 million, a decrease of 7%, and a net result of R$136 million, representing a decrease. 29%.

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XP Projects increases net revenue by 14% compared to the third quarter of 2020, to R$1.117 billion, Ebitda decreased by 12%, to R$360 million, and decreased by 57% in net income, to R$82 million.

Quero-Quero Stores (SA 🙂

For Q3 21, BTG Pactual expects Lojas Quero Quero to gain 16% year-over-year, to R$526 million, and Ebitda 9% lower, to R$64 million, and a net result of R$15 million. , and 49% decrease. 3 K20.

Genial expects Ebitda to have a value of R$66 million and a net profit of R$20 million.


XP projects for JSL 3Q21 amounting to R$1.151 billion, an annual increase of 57%, and Ebitda of R$197 million, an increase of 67%, and net profit of R$66 million, a growth of 286%.

directional (SA:)

Direcional should report net profit of R$477 million in the third quarter of 21, a year-on-year increase of 27%, according to BTG Pactual. The bank also expects Ebitda to rise 36% to R$94m, and an 87% increase in net income to R$53m.

On the other hand, Genial Investimentos expects to acquire Ebitda with a value of R$86 million and a net result of R$45 million.

Marisa (SA:)

Genial Investimentos estimates that Marisa will offer on the 3Q21 Ebitda at a value of R$72 million and a loss of R$20 million. BTG Pactual expects net profit of R$572 million, up 28% year-over-year, Ebitda of R$78 million, down 416%, and net result of R$27 million, down 78% in the third quarter of 2020.

gitningas (to me:)

For Q3 21, BTG Pactual expects Getninjas to receive R$27 million, Ebitda R$10 million and a net result of R$8 million. Genial Investimentos expects a negative Ebitda of R$13 million and a loss of R$11 million.

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Banco BTG Pactual (SA 🙂

Genial Investimentos estimates that Banco BTG Pactual will acquire R$1.533 billion in Q321.

Objective (SA:)

BTG Pactual expects Gol to receive R$1.764 billion in Q321, an 81% increase over Q3 2020, EBITDA of R$391 million, a 32% decrease, and a net result of R$1.325 billion, i.e. indented by 23%. On the other hand, Genial Investimentos estimates Ebitda’s negative value at R$265 million and a loss of R$1.265 billion.