May 19, 2024

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“Eternal gratitude to Gilberto Braga and his genius,” says Gloria Perez. See ramifications – culture

Gilberto Braga, author of novels such as dance days (1978), everything goes (1988) H big success (2008), He died Tuesday night, 26, at the age of 75.

The Rio de Janeiro native was a victim of a generalized infection caused by a perforation of the esophagus, and was hospitalized for several days at the Cuba Star Hospital in Copacabana.

On social networks, celebrities lamented the novelist’s death and paid their respects to the author of great stories on Brazilian television.

actress bowl of glory He posted a photo alongside Braga on his official Instagram account. “Eternal gratitude to Gilberto Braga And his genius. Rest in peace, my love.”

Actress too zizi mota Remember important moments with the author. Thank you for living in Sonya brawl, a character that is still remembered to this day. It was a turning point. In 1984, thanks to you, we talked about racism in prime time.”

Camila PitangaWho lived Pebble in the series tropical paradiseHe also posted his appreciation on Twitter. “Gilberto, my gratitude for all that I have lived with you and through you, with your words, your genius, and your unmistakable writing,” he said.

actually Susanna Vieira“We lost another great Brazilian who made Brazil rejoice and dream,” he said on his official Instagram account.

Paula OliveiraWho worked on the series? foolish heart (2011), from Braga, lamented that “Brazil is losing some of the charm of great characters, iconic villains, and good ideas in front of the television.”

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“It’s the Gilberto He is gone … a master, an unforgettable storyteller, a companion of many decades in the craft,” said the author of the novels Gloria Perez on your social networks.

the actor Jose de Abreu To partner with the author. “After doing youRoberto Talma called me at Daniel Filho’s office, on the eighth floor of the Globo Building in Rua Lopes Quintas. There let me play Major Dornelis in the miniseries golden years. “Another great success,” he said.

Deborah Evelyn He also expressed his sadness through his official account on Instagram. “What a sadness, what a sadness, what a sadness,” he said. “Gilberto My dear, with whom I’ve spent hours talking about movies, music, books, and travel.”

Marcelo Medici The author is classified as a “Master of Brazilian and International Drama”. Who was lucky enough to follow the power of series like dance daysAnd Jellyfish NS everything goesHe is known, among others, to have absorbed and portrayed contemporary like few others. A true historian, a genius.”