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Toy Story spin-off director pays tribute to Chris Evans' passion for animation

Toy Story spin-off director pays tribute to Chris Evans’ passion for animation

Light yearmovie derived from Toy Story That will explore the shape of space patrol Buzz LightyearAnd His first trailer was released on Wednesday morning (22).

To celebrate this occasion, the director Angus McClain (I’m looking for my turnI talked about my experience working with Chris Evans (captain America), who will be the voice of the protagonist in the original language.

In an interview with FandangoAnd the director was content to pay tribute to the actor, saying that the role was for him from the very beginning of the development of animation, and that he joined the project early:

It was our first choice so we decided to go with this movie. Then he went to the Pixar offices and spent the day there to hear our suggestion, he really got excited and understood our goal! Since then, it’s been an essential part of the process of finding our own voice and understanding the tone of revered action, taking seriously what that character should be, and finding the humor for that character without sounding like a parody.

Because of his strength as an actor, he can carry the story of the hero of the classic movie, but at the same time he knows how to laugh and have fun in a very conscientious way. The experience was great, and he loves a person and is a huge fan of animation.

Lightyear will display the “real” version of the space scout that inspired the Toy Story doll

According to the filmmaker, Chris Evans understood so well the proposition of the role of being a truly cartoon lover, that he went almost a different path in his career:

For a while, he considered working as an animator, so he was very interested in the process. It is not always the case with actors. It was a huge help to be able to show him the storyboards, and he just said “I got it” – especially in the action scenes. He’s awesome, I just praise Chris Evans. I’m really glad he agreed to participate!

plot details Light year It remains ambiguous, but the movie will surely show a file Buzz Lightyear In fact, the Space Patrol that inspired the gameplay streak seen in Toy Story.

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for the first time Light year Happen or occur June 2022 in the movies.

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