May 25, 2024

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Evaristo Costa jokes about launching CNN and sharing a meme

Evaristo Costa jokes about launching CNN and sharing a meme

some days After finding out that he was kicked out of CNN because of a TV adEvaristo Costa has shown that he handles the situation in a playful way.

This morning, the journalist shared a video of a young man talking on the phone, losing his balance and nearly falling into a puddle, but was able to sit on the edge and avoid an accident.

“Evaristo calls to find out more about your program and expulsion,” says the meme. In the caption, he added the laughing emoji.

On Friday, he said he learned of the resignation of Back from CNN Brazil vacation.

“I knew it [o programa “CNN Séries Originais”] It has been removed from the network and the company is no longer interested in my services,” he said in an excerpt from the text posted on Instagram.

While watching the new station call program, I noticed my program was missing. It’s the game! ‘Thy will be done’. When I recover from what happened, I will give you more details. Free on the ring.

CNN reported that it had terminated the contract with the broadcaster, claiming changes had occurred in his network. Evaristo has been with the network since June 2019.

The station also confirmed the date and time of the launch of the “CNN Business” program, which will be presented by philippe cyan and Fernando Nakagawa. The attraction will air Thursdays at 10:30 p.m., starting September 16th.

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