September 28, 2023

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"Every day is more disappointing";  The PA explodes and the Internet explodes;  Ex-BBB receives criticism from fans

“Every day is more disappointing”; The PA explodes and the Internet explodes; Ex-BBB receives criticism from fans


Paulo Andre reached the final of this edition of Big Brother Brazil alongside Arthur Aguiar and Douglas Silva.

PA in custody of BBB 22.
© Reproduction / GlobePA in custody of BBB 22.

runner-up BBB 22 (Big Brother Brazil), Paulo Andre Open a question box on Instagram to interact with fans. But last Tuesday afternoon (24), the Olympic athlete vented on Twitter and said followers only asked three types of questions. But the athlete did not go into details.

The Palestinian Authority wrote the following:my question box [no Instagram] There are only 3 kinds of questions, I spend 30 minutes to find a wayIn the post’s comments, paulista has been the target of several negative quotes. Arthur Agyarfor example, spared no criticism of the runner.

I just went to the end [do BBB] Because we thought you liked Arthur. Otherwise the bakery would have already removed it before. You are getting off the ship. Don’t let your 15-minute fame go to your head. Deal with the true fans you left“, Publish an Internet user.”send it to me [Pedro] Scooby to answer or choose [pergunta] He wants you to answerAnother thought.

Paulo also received complaints from the fans themselves. “Dude, if you feel like a clown for the questions your fans are asking you, imagine who spent days voting to make you a hero? I don’t know if it’s due to immaturity or lack of good advice, but if it continues like this, it will only drive away those who rooted for you“A follower’s lament.”Every day more disappointing.. what do you mean by that? What questions about jade are not of ethics? Doesn’t it even deserve to be mentioned? OBS: We know most of the questions are about couples and you’re saying that’s very disrespectful to the topic‘, I analyzed a fan of Jade Bacon.

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