June 16, 2024

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Ex-BBB Rodrigo Mossi responded in a conversation about the birth of his nephew;  Video · TV news

Ex-BBB Rodrigo Mossi responded in a conversation about the birth of his nephew; Video · TV news

Rodrigo Musa Reaction upon hearing Brother Diogo’s account of the birth of his nephew, scheduled for the next few weeks. On Wednesday (6) the businessman celebrated the clinical development of family members and described the attempted coup that occurred during his previous BBB hospitalization period.

“I told him [Rodrigo] That his nephew, my son, is about to be born. I asked him if he would help me with a diaper change, to have a family with me, and he shook my hand,” Diogo said.

In an interview with Journal da Record, the businessman also commented on the request Money made by a scammer on Tuesday (5): “I already suspected that a doctor from HC [Hospital das Clínicas] He wouldn’t call me to ask that kind of thing. When he sent me the data, it wasn’t CNPJ, it was CPF. I had already found out that it was a coup, so I issued the Accident Bulletin.”

The suspect used the image of the surgeon Adriano Barra de la Torres, who works in Uberlandia (MG). “Unfortunately, I am a victim and so is the family that the person who tried to carry out this extortion contacted,” the doctor said.

according to Medical Bulletin issued this Wednesday, the commercial director “remains agitated, and once again he opened his eyes and shook hands with the family.” “He continues to evolve and respond. Tomorrow he will have an operation on his leg. The family is confident that all is well! Connect with positive energies and prayers,” the statement added.

Rodrigo Mossi has been hospitalized at Hospital das Clinicas, in São Paulo, since March 31, When he was in a car accident. Check the report:

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