May 26, 2024

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Fátima Bernardes na academia

Fatima Bernardes offers pre-operative training

in this month, Fatima Bernards He will undergo surgery. The provider will undergo shoulder arthroscopy to recover the tendon.

While waiting for the operation, Fatima takes care of her health by exercising. On social networks, the presenter of the program posted a photo during one of her workouts.

“I can only walk,” he wrote, “but it’s worth it, isn’t it?!”. Because of the surgery, Fatima will stay away from the program “Incontro” by TV Globo. During this period, the attraction will be served by Manuel Soares NS Patricia is a poet.

A declaration of love from Tulio Jadelha

Federal Deputy Tullius argued it, her boyfriend Fatima Bernards Almost four years ago, I couldn’t miss the presenter’s birthday celebration, on Friday, September 17th, which took place at the Encontro. Straight from Russia, where he went to work, he made a duet with the singer Lenin.

At first, Fatima thought that the honor would be only on the part of Lenin, who sang “Só que Me Interessa”, a “theme” song about love between her and the politician. However, Cue appeared playing the harmonica, leaving the journalist positively surprised.

At the end of the song, Fatima hugged the screen and received a sweet announcement from her lover. “I was the first to congratulate, because here in Russia it was already past midnight before. But she did not accept it, because in Brazil he was still sixteenth,” he said amused.

“I am here to say that you are a very special person to me and to all of Brazil. You bring lightness to our days, you have that attentive human outlook towards others. This year of life is a joy for all of us Brazilians,” he said.

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“I am arriving in Brazil, wait for me to celebrate this spring together. I love you,” he said, finally, before thanking Lenin for the duet. After recording, Fatima also found out that the flower vase on the stage was sent by her lover.

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