June 22, 2024

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Imagem com foto de Faustão ao lado do filho mais velho, João Guilherme

Faustau explains why he hired his son for VBand

Fausto Silva Submit the news of his show on Band In the first minutes of 2022 last Saturday (1). One of Viradão do Faustão’s special moments that caught viewers’ attention was the engagement of Faustão’s eldest son, 18-year-old João Guilherme, who will also lead the attraction alongside Anne Lottermann. Announcing the baby, the presenter joked that the decision to hire the boy came because “it is difficult to pay the allowance.”

When Faustau first appeared in the band, in the ’80s, Joao wasn’t even born yet, but he made it clear that he watched his father’s videos at the time before he even stepped on stage. “The men who have followed ‘Perdidos na Noite,’ have been messing with us a lot. Now it’s time for repayment,” the heir warned, shortly before receiving his father’s quick reply. “You live at home and you still depend on me,” Faustau warned.

João Guilherme has made it clear that he has always wanted to work with television and that he now feels that this is the perfect moment to start his career. In addition to being a homeschool teacher as one of the greatest communicators in the country, he received all the support of his mother, Luciana Cardoso, He is also the creative director of Faustão in Band. “Convincing my mother was the easiest part of the process,” the young man revealed. Despite all the excitement, Faustão said his son has yet to sign a contract. “We don’t know if you will take it seriously,” said the interviewer.

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Faustão presents images for a new show on Band

in a Your first appearance in the bandFausto Silva has announced the attractions of his new show Faustão na Band, which opens January 17th, at 8:30 p.m., and will be shown Monday through Friday. The news was presented in a special Faustão na Virada, which was shown on the channel’s programs in the first minutes of 2022. “I am ready for new challenges,” said the caller, who returned to the station after 34 years.

In a speech about his return, Faustau spoke about the difficult moment in the period of the health crisis and also about the personal situation he faced. “Everyone here has had the biggest problems lately. A year ago I was hospitalized. I take this opportunity to especially thank my wife, my children and the doctors. Quoting his wife Luciana Cardoso and children Lara, Joao Gilherme and Rodrygo, only science has the answer to everything you expect,” he said. .

Faustau opened the auditorium in honor of the founder of Grupo Bandeirantes, Joao Jorge Saad, in a studio of more than 450 people that resembles a theater, with every detail he always wanted. He was with his eldest son, Joao Gillherme, and journalist Anne Lutterman, the duo who would accompany him during the programme. “It’s more than a program, it’s a schedule,” Faustau summed up when announcing the attraction’s boards.

With no international formats, the creative team of Faustão na Band, led by director Luciana Cardoso, wife of the presenter, developed images that were already distinctive and new to the audience. In addition to traditional cassetadas, the program will present the classic Pizzeria do Faustão, the musical salad of Na Pista do Sucesso, and a tribute to the artists of Esta é sua Vida. Talents from Brazil and the world will be able to show their skills in the Grana or Fama competition.” The country’s professional dancers will be able to perform at Dança das Feras. Every day of the week the program will have a different attraction.

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to Faustão . Hall ReceptionBand set up a large structure at the station’s facilities in the Morumbi neighborhood of São Paulo. The theater built in studio 1, will accommodate 350 people per day, which is the equivalent of 10,000 people per month. Fausto baptized himself as a tribute to the founder of Grupo Bandeirantes, and the studio for the hall will bear the name João Jorge Saad. With Faustau’s return to the troupe, the Ballet Girls accompanied the announcer on the new stage. There are 30 official dancers from the show, who will be on stage daily.