June 12, 2024

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Multi-winners lottery, former BBB hits 16 corners in Mega da Virada

Multi-winners lottery, former BBB hits 16 corners in Mega da Virada

Ex-Big Brother Brasil 11 participant, Paulinha Let I started 2022 with luck. She hit 16 corners at Mega da Verada, each valued at more than R$50,000. The result, however, is the result of a lot of work.

Paulinha has racked up 54 wins over R$1,000 in prizes at the Caixa Lotteries Games. She is currently 34 years old, she has been playing since she was 21 and has a betting company for the big jackpots.


“I still haven’t received the prize money, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I choose the numbers based on what I see in my daily life, which catches my eye. Then I mix them with the numbers that appear most, and other games with the ones that come least and which I choose,” he explained.

Mega da Virada: 46 bets on DF in the corner and eat up to 305 thousand Brazilian real

The former BBB started out as a joke and never stopped. I created a system for games to unfold, with different combinations. On one of the official websites, Paulinha Leite makes quotas available for interested parties to buy.

Alone, she has already won 570,000 reais in one prize. She has achieved so many victories that she does not know how much she actually benefited from participating in the lottery games.

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