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Faustau makes MasterChef “expel” from the band; Change “Open Game” – 09/25/2021

Faustão’s arrival has caused several structural changes to the band, and the program most suffering is MasterChef Brasil, which has been “kicked” from the network and will be recorded in an outdoor studio from 2022 onwards.

The report found that Katia Fonseca and Renata Fan were also affected by the arrival of their new teammate. Faustão will have exclusives to Studio 1, the band’s biggest band, which currently hosts the network’s daily shows.

Starting next year, the best of the afternoon and open match will be broadcasted from Studio 2, which is more compact but capable of hosting both attractions. Although it will have to be adapted to a smaller area, Katya and Renata’s programs will not be reworked for their scenarios.

Fausto Silva will have a day and night program, the details are still being treated as a secret. Internally, it has been renamed Faustão na Band, but the network has not yet determined the address, as other possibilities are under consideration. The premiere is taken for granted in January.

In addition to taking most of his team from Globo, Faustão hired his sister, Leonor Corrêa, with whom he had not worked for 23 years. She directed Domingão do Faustão between 1992 and 1999, but left her brother to go her own way. She was the Program Director at Record, and Presenter at Band and RedeTV! , and serial author at SBT. Unemployed since July 2020, after anchor Silvio Santos shut down the TV drama department and canceled the TV series Patinho Feio (which she was writing), Leonor joined the development team and created the framework for the new show at Band.

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This was followed by almost all the dancers from the last formation of Domingão do Faustão Presenter during his transition to the band. In the end, the girls went to the station, located in the Morumbi neighborhood, on the south side of São Paulo, to do some auditions and rehearsals in the studio.

Among the members of Fausto Silva’s team is his wife, Luciana Cardoso, who was kicked out of Globo weeks before the announcer announced his final departure From the old broadcaster. She was a screenwriter and producer for Domingau.

He drove another Domingão do Faustão on June 6, He underwent hospital treatment And on June 17 to Notify the announcer of the termination of the contract The presenter – who promised to stay on the air until December 2021.