May 19, 2024

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Giovanna Eubank presents a bundle of dreams to Emilio Dantas' twins

Giovanna Eubank presents a bundle of dreams to Emilio Dantas’ twins

Presenter Giovanna Eubank donated a Xian device to Emilio Dantas and Fabiola Nascimento’s twins

Presenter Giovanna Eubank and the actor Bruno GagliasuThey surprised their friends, the actors Emilio Dantas NS Fabiola’s birth With a very special gift! They’ve donated a large portion of their 1-year-old baby stroller, Xian, to the actors who are expecting twins, Raul and Rocky.

Fabiola Nascimento showcased the diverse and beautiful clothes that were from Zyan and that will now belong to her twin children. As it showed Giovanna Eubank And Bruno Gagliasso sent other things for the device such as a baby cot and a small chair to rest.

When she showed off all the little pants she got, Fabiola talked about the other kids who’ve had those pants before the twins. In addition to Zyan, these pants were also for Juliana Pedrosa’s son, Bruno Gagliasso’s cousin and Titi’s godmother, who had recently given birth to a son named João Pedro. “This here is called Pants for Five! Because Zyan, JP, Apolo, and now Roque and Raul have all been through here!” Fabiola said.

Netizens were only praising this luxury class Giovanna Eubank It was donated to the children of Emílio Dantas and Fabíula Nascimento. “What a dream about this device! One netizen commented, I wish I could get such a gift.

Another netizen said, “What a beautiful outfit! I loved these pants.” One netizen also commented, “What a cute outfit! Love it! A blessing!”. Another netizen said: “Wow, but the outfit is more beautiful than the other! I loved everything!”.

Emílio Dantas and Fabíula Nascimento have been together since 2016. The actress is 43 years old and managed to conceive twins through in vitro fertilization. She had frozen eggs since 2016 and became pregnant with her twins on her second attempt at implantation.

Launch Instagram Xian bag donated by Giovanna Eubank to Emilio Dantas and Fabiola Nascimento twins

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