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FGTS 2022 Anniversary Draw: Calendar and How to Apply

FGTS 2022 Anniversary Draw: Calendar and How to Apply

Thinking of using FGTS birthday swag in 2022? Funds will be available this year as well. With this rule, which began in 2020, workers can withdraw part of the FGTS once a year, provided that they do not withdraw the entire balance of the account if they are fired without a valid reason. Those born in January will be able to withdraw funds until March.

How does this mode work? How much will I receive in this withdrawal form? Can I go back to opt-out? Clear your doubts below:

FGTS birthday draw: calendar and how to order

What is the FGTS Anniversary Loot?

It is possible for a worker to withdraw part of the FGTS once a year. Those who choose this method will not be able to withdraw the full balance of the account if they are expelled without a valid reason. In the event of dismissal, the beneficiary will receive a fine of 40% of the FGTS, which does not change.

How to request an FGTS birthday withdrawal?

Optional FGTS birthday pull. Anyone interested in joining the resource must inform the decision until the last day of their birth month to receive funds in the same year of joining. This way, a person can make the withdrawal for up to two months after Month from birthday.

A birth date withdrawal request can be made on the FGTS app (available for all mobile platforms) or on the Caixa website.

What is the FGTS birthday withdrawal calendar in 2022?

This year’s FGTS draw will follow the following schedule:

  • Born in January: Withdrawals from January to March
  • Born in February: Withdrawals from February to April
  • Born in March: Withdrawals from March to May
  • Born in April: Withdrawals from April to June
  • Born in May: Loot from May to July
  • Born in June: Withdrawals from June to August
  • Born in July: Withdrawals from July to September
  • Born in August: plundered from August to October
  • Born in September: Loot from September to November
  • Born in October: Withdrawals from October to December
  • Born in November: Withdrawals from November 2022 to January 2023
  • Born in December: Draws from December 2022 to February 2023
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Who is entitled to an FGTS birthday loot?

Each worker with a linked FGTS account, active or inactive, is entitled to withdrawal -? birthday, as long as you choose the channels that Caixa provides. Those who have not made a choice do not receive birthday loot.

How Much FGTS Can I Draw in a Christmas Draw?

The worker will be able to withdraw a portion of 5% to 50% of what they have in their FGTS account, plus a fixed amount each year, depending on how much balance they have. see below:

  • For balances up to R$500, the withdrawal will be up to 50% of the amount, but the straight installment is not received
  • For balances from R$ 500.01 to R$ 1,000, the withdrawal will be 40% of the amount plus a fixed installment of R$ 50
  • For balances from R$1,000.01 to R$5,000, the withdrawal will be 30% of the amount plus a fixed installment of R$150
  • For balances from R$ 5000.01 to R$ 10,000, the withdrawal will be 20% of the amount plus a fixed installment of R$ 650
  • For balances from R$ 10,000.01 to R$ 15,000, the withdrawal will be 15% of the amount plus a fixed premium of R$ 1,150
  • For balances from R$ 15,000.01 to R$ 20,000, the withdrawal will be 10% of the amount plus a fixed installment of R$ 1,900
  • For balances over R$ 20,000.01, the withdrawal will be 5% of the amount plus a fixed premium of R$ 2,900

Example: Factor a total of R$ 1,450 in all FGTS accounts. He will be able to withdraw 30% of the total, as well as a portion of R$150. That is, he will be able to withdraw 585 Brazilian reais.

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fur Location Caixa and through the FGTS app (available at Implementation storeOr Google Play or Windows store) It is possible to simulate the amount you will receive and stick to birthday loot. Consultation is possible after registration and password creation.

Can I request a receipt at another bank?

Yes, the worker can choose to receive the annuity directly into an account maintained with Caixa or at another financial institution.

Will the withdrawal amount always be the same?

The amount will be calculated according to the total that the worker has in FGTS accounts. Therefore, the values ​​are likely to change from year to year. In addition, if a worker becomes unemployed, for example, and has only inactive accounts, then the value of birthday loot One year may be less than the previous year.

Can I change my mind and go back to withdraw?

worker who chooses birthday loot You can change your mind and go back to the current form, but you have to wait 2 years and a month, that is, 25 months. For example, if you choose birthday loot This month and decided to return to the withdrawal option with termination in February of this year, it will return to the old base only from March 2024.

During this period, the worker will continue to receive the annuity for Christmas loot.

If I am fired without a valid reason, will I be entitled to a 40% termination fine?

Yes, a worker dismissed without a just cause is entitled to a 40% severance penalty amount from the FGTS and can withdraw the fine. What you will not be able to do is withdraw the rest of the balance. These amounts remaining in the account can be withdrawn, in installments, once a year. The rule also applies to a worker who enters into an agreement with the employer, when he is owed a termination fine of 20%.

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If You Choose Christmas Withdrawal, Can You Still Use FGTS Real Estate?

Yes, the use of FGTS to purchase a home has not changed.

If I have more than one FGTS account, can I choose different methods?

No, the worker can only choose one of the following methods: birthday loot or a withdrawal that allows for a full refund of the account balance at the time of termination of the contract.