June 21, 2024

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"Nobody wants to die" - Metro World News Brasil

“Nobody wants to die” – Metro World News Brasil

By including a gay couple in its advertising campaign, the reveal of the Volkswagen Polo became one of the topics that were commented on on social networks. Diego Xavier and Murillo, the couple who appear in the publicity, have been subjected to a series of attacks and insults in Internet.

The couple’s family was also threatened. Even with the oppression they have experienced, the two believe in the importance of LGBTQIA+ representation in occupying spaces in the automotive sector, which is characterized as a “traditional male chauvinistic environment”.

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in conversation with UOL . carsJournalist and activist Diego, who appeared alongside her husband in a Volkswagen Polo ad, reports that this is the second time he and his partner have been attacked over the car drive, which was initially broadcast in 2021. This time, threats and retaliation were aimed at the couple’s family.

wave of attacks

Diego, who left his family in Cambé and now lives in Curitiba, reports that the limits of the Internet have been crossed and attacks have reached his family.

“The first time, this movement was only on the Internet, but now they abuse it: they chase after my brothers and nephews, who have nothing to do with it. I am an example of gays who had to leave the countryside to fully experience their sexuality in the capital.

The LGBTQIA+ activist didn’t imagine things would take that far, as the campaign was scheduled to air in June 2021, diversity month. This is the period when many companies are targeting the LGBTQIA+ audience.

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“On this date, all businesses are taking action, so everyone is more friendly to the cause, and advertising doesn’t generate much impact. This continuity shows greater commitment on the part of the brand. The balance is positive, it’s a matter of representation, to show that the public also pays taxes and is a consumer.” But I don’t want to be a martyr. Nobody wants to die. The attacks are worrying,” he told UOL Carros.