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FGTS audit can pay around R$10,000 per worker, says Startup

FGTS audit can pay around R$10,000 per worker, says Startup

a FGTS review (Term of Service Guarantee Fund) has caught the attention of many Brazilian workers who have worked with an official contract since 1999. This is because a decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) can make these people receive thousands of real cash. revision.

Currently, credit FGTS Corrected by the reference rate (TR), yellowed over two years, plus 3%. Since the values ​​do not track inflationary losses, the STF will judge whether the fund’s profitability calculation can be based on the INPC (National Consumer Price Index) or another indicator that tracks price fluctuations in Brazil.

according to Startup LOIT, which specializes in this topic, substituting TR for IPCA, for example, can guarantee a profit of about R$10,000 to each worker who has or has had deposits in FGTS accounts at any time from 1999 until today, even if a withdrawal has already been made. Balance.

The FGTS review includes an estimated audience of at least 60 million people who have worked on a formal contract and who, therefore, have had or have had some resources in the escrow fund since then. The workers may have failed to earn about R$300 billion in backlogs for the period when the rate was not properly corrected.

The lawsuit claiming the right to review FGTS earnings will be adjudicated by the Federal Supreme Court in May, however, the matter has been taken off the agenda and there is no expectation to appeal the ruling.

How to request an FGTS review?

Workers who deposited the guarantee fund from 1999 onwards can request a review by filing a lawsuit, which can be brought individually or collectively, to the Federal Court.

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The attorneys’ recommendation is for interested parties to file a lawsuit before the matter wins the final decision of the Supreme Court.

It is important to point out that this is not a win-win business and for this reason, it is not without risks. If the STF decides against the workers, the person may lose the lawsuit and have to bear the costs of the operation.

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