June 21, 2024

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The newspaper says that the economic team opposes the new extension

The newspaper says that the economic team opposes the new extension

The government is trying to approve Auxílio Brasil (the new Bolsa Família), but has run into budget obstacles.

In November, the seventh batch of emergency assistance is expected to end. However, many believe that an extension would be the best way to avoid leaving Brazilians in a state of social vulnerability. But according to news published by O Globo columnist Myriam Leitau, there is a resistance by the economic team led by Minister Paulo Guedes.

The government is trying to get approval for Brazilian aid, but it has found budget obstacles. to fund the programme, alternatives Raised: Income Tax Reform and the PEC of Precatório. The problem is that income tax reform is still slow in the Senate, and the PEC dos Precatórios had a request for examination by the Commission on the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ).

Without many options, the government is afraid of deadlock with the Fiscal Responsibility Act, and thus faces problems on the eve of the election year. In order for everything to go on track and for the government to be able to launch the program with a discretionary budget, it will be necessary to vote on and approve the text of the IR reform by the end of October.

However, the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, has already said that he needs It’s time to analyze He does not think it will be voted on this month. What happens, above all else, is that the law requires a glimpse of the expected budget to launch assistance or any other program.

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