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FGTS dividend will be distributed soon;  Check the rules and expected date

FGTS dividend will be distributed soon; Check the rules and expected date

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Separation Compensation Fund (FGTS) To guarantee the rights of dismissed workers without just cause. In this sense, the employer is responsible for depositing about 11% per month of the salary into an account linked to Federal Savings Bank.

Thus, Law No. 13446/2017 states that since the money belongs to the worker, Caixa must only manage the amounts and divide the FGTS profits among the beneficiaries annually.

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In 2022, the bank will pay a dividend to every citizen who has an available balance in the fund until December 31, 2021. According to the regulations, all dividends must be deposited until August 31 of this year. Therefore, the payment round is expected to start in the early days of August.

FGTS amounts issued in 2022

Tangible values ​​of FGTS earnings 2021 have not yet been released, but based on the value of 2020 (R$ 8.129 billion), it is possible to obtain an estimate, since not a very large variance is expected.

So, check the amounts received in 2021 based on the available balance in FGTS accounts on December 31, 2020:

  • R$2000 – Amount Received: R$37.26;
  • 3 thousand – amount received: R$55.89;
  • 4 thousand – amount received: R$74.52;
  • 5 thousand – amount received: R$93.15;
  • 10 thousand – amount received: R$ 186.30;
  • 20A – Amount received: R$372.60;
  • 100 thousand – Amount received: 1,863.00 Brazilian Real.

Finally, in case of doubts about your funds accounts, you can make inquiries through the Caixa website or the FGTS App.

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Photo: Renato B. Castillo /