September 25, 2023

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Petrobras launches a program for start-ups with a total value of 20 million Brazilian riyals

Petrobras launches a program for start-ups with a total value of 20 million Brazilian riyals

The program contains 30 technology challenges.

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The Petrobras Innovation Programbe with Applications are open until June 29th For the fourth unit of start-up companies.

The state-owned initiative is worth 20 million and contains 30 challenges divided into seven technological areas:

  1. energy storage and generation;
  2. Eat;
  3. geological modeling
  4. Carbon reduction
  5. robotics;
  6. digital technologies and
  7. examination techniques.

At the end of selection, the winning startups will be able to receive amounts of up to R$500,000 for soft tech challenges and up to R$1.5 million for deep tech, depending on the complexity of the challenges.

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Soft techs are start-ups that produce software-based technologies (computer software), sometimes associated with already mature hardware (hardware) platforms.

Deep Technologies focus on research-intensive advanced technology development, with long maturity time, also create technology based on high-performance hardware and software and new materials.

Petrobras and Sibra

In this module of the programme, Petrobras has a partnership with the Small and Micro Business Support Service (Sebrae), which provides support to selected companies in activities such as adapting the selected proposals in the first stage and preparing for presentation day or project. Presentation. Final Jury.

Startups that win the final stage will receive financial investment, project direction and business model, as well as the opportunity to become Petrobras’ suppliers, with the potential to expand into the national and international industry.

Petrobras Innovation Program

The Petrobras Connections Innovation Program was launched in 2019 and since then the program has grown and now includes six different units:

  • Startups
  • Technology Partnerships
  • technology transfer;
  • acquiring solutions
  • ignition;
  • technological commands.

In the future, two new initiatives will be merged. Currently, Petrobras has a contract portfolio of at least R$ 3 billion, with around 150 technical partners, in various types of contract and cooperation agreements.

Startup Unit

With an interest in intensifying the relationship with the innovation ecosystem, particularly with “startups” and small technology-based companies, Petrobras developed the Startups unit.

The investment aims to meet the internal demands noted by the state-owned company and to find flexible solutions that enable implementation in the oil and gas industry. According to Petrobras, it is already possible to see the results.

Through the program, the company invests resources in top “startups” interested in collaborating to solve these demands, encouraging research and innovation, as well as generating demand.

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