May 25, 2024

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FGTS: Workers who invested in Eletrobrás have already applied their amounts

FGTS: Workers who invested in Eletrobrás have already applied their amounts

Settlement of Eletrobrás share offer with credit FGTS Service Time Guarantee Fund has been closed. The Federal Savings Bank The values ​​of the workers’ accounts will be transferred.

It is worth noting that the amount denoting the purchase of shares is already evident in the FGTS statement. To do this, you only need to access the agency application. Once you’re done, click on the “My FGTS” option, which displays the values ​​for FMP-Eletrobrás (Eletrobrás Mutual Fund for Privatization).

The demand for stock purchase by workers exceeded the set ceiling of R$6 billion, resulting in Eletrobrás stock reserves. According to the information, the total demand ranged between R$ 8.8 billion and R$ 9 billion.

Edit new FGTS withdrawal; See who can withdraw up to 6,220 BRL

Regarding the partial return, those who held R$200 (minimum amount) converted R$133.58 into Eletrobrás shares. Those who invested R$10,000, for example, converted R$6,679. Those who set aside R$50,000 invested R$33,395.

It should be noted that the return value of the FGTS calculation of the work will continue to achieve the reference rate of the guarantee fund plus 3% each year. The process of deducting the amounts from the workers’ account began last week.

“Unused amounts in the app will be unlocked,” Caixa explained in a note.

When in doubt, citizens can access Caixa’s service channels, using the following phone numbers: 4004-0104 (capitals and metropolitan areas); and 0800-104-0104 (other areas).

privatization process

To date, the Eletrobrás privatization process has already generated R$29.29 billion. This is because, in addition to investment by workers, retail investors, state investors, and so-called hedge funds (seeking protection) also participate.

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According to Eletrobrás, as of July 11, a new batch of 104.6 million shares will be offered, an amount equal to 15% of the total available. This action will mark the end of the privatization process. It is expected that 4.39 billion Brazilian reals will be transferred.

Unusual FGTS

FGTS is a worker’s right issued in specific situations, which is intended for people who have a signature in their portfolio, that is, citizens who were formal workers at a certain stage of their career.

Usually, the balance is released in cases where the employee is dismissed without Just a reason, or when he needs to buy a property. The government can also release the amount in cases of natural disasters.

Specifically about this exceptional FGTS release, the goal of Federal government It is to get people to help the economy come back, as the country’s economic situation has not yet fully recovered. See how you receive.

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